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Buy/Send New Year Gifts from BoxUp Luxury Gifting: Customized & Luxury Gift Options

New Year ushers in a warm and welcoming feeling as everyone around us is excited for the beginning of a whole new year and all the new challenges and joys it will bring! The new year brings with it new dreams, new goals, new challenges, many see it as a chance to set things right and start fresh! It's during this time of the year that gifts are sent to loved ones as a token of love, affection, good wishes and prayers for the forthcoming year. 

A New Year gift usually comes with goodies that prepare you for the coming year like a planner, diary, journal, calendar, pens and organizers. The new year brings in the opportunity for you to start new healthy habits and a gift hamper is the perfect way to politely reinforce new habits in our loved ones! Find the perfect pre-curated gift hamper from our collections or curate the perfect custom gift hamper for this New year with us!

Why BoxUp Luxury Gifting Is the Favourite New Year Online Gift Store

With the gifting season just around the corner and the hunt for the perfect gift hamper on, the internet can show you that there are gift hamper options galore, but here are reasons why BoxUp Luxury Gifting is the Favorite New Year Online Gift Store!

Wide range of options - At BoxUp Luxury Gifting, we give a lot of thought into the impact a gift has on the receiver and the bond that the giver and receiver cherish. We understand that everyone is unique and has their own personality and tastes. To accommodate the tastes and interests of different individuals and people, we provide our clients with a wide range of options for various occasions, including New Year gifts.

Warp speed – Time is of the essence, and nobody understands that better than the team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting. We love having things done at lightning speed in our studio and we take extra measures to ensure that the gifting experience you are looking for – from finding the right new year gift to having it shipped to your loved one – happens quickly and efficiently. We live to provide smooth and seamless services and we are here to stick to our word!

Worldwide delivery – Love has no boundaries and so do our services! Have a friend, family or loved one living across oceans? Wondering how you are going to ship them a unique new year gift this year? Our team is here to ensure that you will find the right gift for them and have it shipped in no time! All you have to worry about is picking a gift from our wide range of options and writing them the perfect custom note. The team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting is here to ensure that the gift reaches them at the right time, no matter what their pin code is!

Surprise your Loved Ones with New Year Gift Hampers

It's that time of the year where we take on new challenges, roles and adventures and prepare for the year to come! It is also the time we take a minute to honour and cherish the bonds we have built in the past years, and nothing says “I value you” better than a handpicked, luxury New year gift! Here are our top picks for this season!

New Year Gifts for Girlfriend – Starting the new year with your significant other is a big milestone and a new year gift for girlfriend is just the right way to start things off! The Relaxing Decadence Gift Box sends her the right message of relaxation and indulgence. If you are looking to add a little bling to her new year, check out the Pamper and Adorn Gift Box!

New Year Gifts for Boyfriend – Finding the right gift for boyfriend to give your man a gift is difficult as it's always a challenge to give men for any occasion! This New year, show him how appreciated and valued he is with The Hero’s hamper with its utilitarian products or spoil him silly with the Immaculate Indulgence Gift Box, he truly deserves it!

New Year Gifts for Brothers – Brothers are an integral part of our lives, every year the bond we share with them grows exponentially. As they support and guide us through our lives, sending them a unique new year gift for brothers like The Motivation Blend Gift Box is a good way to show your love and affection for him. Another great gift option is the Bountiful Bonding Gift Box, which is surely going to speak volumes about how you feel about your brother!

New Year Gift for Sister – Sisters are the threads that hold a family together and she is always available when you need her, no matter when and where! This new year, take a minute to book the Wholesome Freshness gift hampers for sister to tell her how much she means to you and that she is truly valued and cherished! Add a little photo from a memory you hold close to your heart in the photo frame that comes in the Friendly Reminder Gift Box and watch as she finds the perfect photo frame to accessories her desk!

New Year Gifts for Couples – As you watch a couple walk hand in hand to the next year and take on its challenges and live in its joys, send them the Cup of Love hamper to honour and cherish the love that they have for each other. A happy new year gift given to the couple together is a sign that shows them you value them both and shows that you respect their relationship in your relationship too. Get some amazing Gifts for couples that have products that both can enjoy like Framed moments will also remind them of how precious their togetherness is.

New Year Gifts for Friends – Friends make our life worth living and over the years, while we have witnessed many numbers of people come and go from our lives, we all have friendships that have stood the test of time, and we know will always stay with us no matter what. Celebrate this new year by sending gift hampers for friends like A Handful Surprise Gift Box to remind them how much you value them or the Forget It Not Gift Box as a reminder of your growing friendship.

New Year Gift Hampers for Corporate Offices from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

We understand corporate life like nobody else does, and we have just the right goodies for your corporate family! Are you responsible for ensuring that your coworkers and colleges have the perfect new year hamper to start the year with? Let us help you in finding the perfect gift for them! With the years of experience we have with our clients and customers, we have curated a wide range of New year gift hampers for corporate offices that are sure to be a hit with them!

Be it a corporate gift or a custom-made gift, we have products like planners, journals, diaries, pens, mugs, sippers and electronics that will ensure that your corporate family has exciting goodies to take on the challenges of the forthcoming year! Luxe & Inspiration is a hamper that works for all ages and genders, just like Coffee Companion and Green Buddy.

Make Your Own New Year Hampers & Celebrate in Style

New year is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate the coming of a brand-new year. New Year parties are thrown with great pomp and celebration that are reflective of the styles and personalities of the hosts, making them unique in their own ways. While the celebrations happen in style, why have boring New Year Gifts? Custom curate the New Year hamper of your most creative imagination and vivid choices with BoxUp Luxury Gifting’s option to make your own hamper. Style your gift hampers to stylishly coordinate with your celebrations so that your guests have fun memorabilia to take home with them!

While curating a custom new year hamper for your guests, you can curate a gift hamper that is truly a token of your style and choices, the products reflecting what you would love for your loved ones to enjoy. Explore our range of dry fruits hampers, Celebrations Gift Box or Chocolate Gift Boxes for inspiration or simply bring to life the hamper of your dreams, we have a platform to cater to all your gifting needs this New year!

Benefits of Buying New Year Gift Hampers from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

BoxUp Luxury Gifting takes pride in curating one-of-a-kind luxury gift hampers that are made for all occasions, price ranges and recipients. While we pay attention to ensuring that the gifts we give are fun and unique, we have core values that we are rooted in to ensure our services are always consistent.

Premium Quality – When you choose to send a gift to your loved one from BoxUp Luxury Gifting, we believe that you entrust us to choose products and gifts of the finest quality to ensure that your loved one gets the best experience. Our team is dedicated to picking the best products that are not only perfect in terms of quality but also in terms of utility and aesthetics! We understand that each gift given by us to your loved one is a symbol of your dedication and affection to them and we promise to make sure that the gift hamper they receive is the best of the best!

Utilitarian Products – We understand the concept of minimal and thoughtful living and believe that each product we own should have meaning and purpose, rather than owning a bunch of things that do not serve a purpose. We at the studio are mindful of the kind of product consumption that we introduce our clients to, hence we ensure that we provide gift options that are not just pretty to the eyes, but are also utilitarian and mindful, to ensure that the gift hamper adds value to their life.

Luxurious Packaging – While we carefully evaluate the gifts we provide based on their quality and utilitarianism, we also pay attention to giving our clients a luxurious experience when it comes to receiving a gift. Our core values at the studio are deeply rooted in providing luxury, we believe that the experience of unboxing a rich and indulgent hamper strengthens and celebrates the bond between the giver and receiver. We pay attention to details, which we believe is a vital element of what makes a gift truly luxurious.

Seamless Service – Our tech savvy, quick and efficient team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting aims to provide you with a service that is not only swift and systematic, but also smooth as butter, making you feel like you won't have to lift a finger to ensure that all your loved ones get the perfect New year gift this year! Right from selecting the products in the hamper to customizing the card in it and having it shipped to the right addresses, we have a carefully set up system that is made keeping in mind that our clients deserve an easy and orderly gifting service!

FAQs on New Year Gift Hamper

Q1.  What is the best gift for the New Year?

The best New Year gift is a gift that comes with an earnest thought of good luck and blessings on the receiver! Set your intention right and intentionally choose gifts that will help them tackle the forthcoming year and you have made yourself the perfect New Year gift! Journals, organizers, calendars, aromatics for the home, fresh stationery, and chocolates are exceptional gift choices, have them luxuriously assembled in a hamper like New Year Nuggets and you’ve just chosen the best gift for your loved one! Adding a custom note always sweetens the deal when it comes to gifts.

Q2. What will be the best New Year gift for friends & family?

When choosing a gift, always remember that understanding the receiver and occasion is important. When choosing for friends and family, take time to find out their needs and wants and even have a look at their wish list if available, and then choose the perfect New Year gift for them. The New Beginnings Gift Box is a good option as it has goodies like Green Tea Kit, Calendar, Magnetic post-it note board, Travel Mug, Candle, and Himalayan Pink Salt Brittle, all perfect to start the new year with and can be enjoyed by both friends and family alike!

Q3. Can I make my own customized New Year hamper?

Yes, you can! We at the studio understand that gift hampers are never a “one size fits all” product and we are here to ensure that your loved one receives a hamper that is custom made their likes and interests. Our Make your own hamper option on the website gives you the platform to pick everything from the packaging to all the products in the hamper. We have a wide range of products to choose from, under categories like keepsakes, journals, drinkware, self-care, etc. To ensure that we cater to individuals of all tastes and personalities.

Q4. What are the best corporate New Year gifts?

New Year gifts that instill a “we-feeling”, togetherness, and unity are the best gifts for your corporate family. Fresh drinkware, organizers, table accessories, and other office supplies that are stylish, aesthetic, and utilitarian are gifts that can be enjoyed by all individuals alike. The Deadline Chaser hamper with your custom logo is a classy and elegant New Year gift hamper option. If you are looking for a mix of corporate gifts and goodies for personal use, a hamper like A Friendly Reminder Gift Box will be the right choice. Keep in mind the person receiving the hamper to ensure that you are making the right choice for them!

Q5. Best New Year gift for clients?

Clients are our corporate family that make us who we are. They are the backbone to keeping our business alive and stable and a new year's corporate gift is a simple way of showing them how much they mean to you. This year, send them A Handful Surprise Gift Box with a custom note card with a thoughtful message about how much you value them, or check out the Green Fingers and Notes to wish them the best for the coming year!