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Buy/Send Corporate Gifts Under 1000 Online from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

Our corporate gifts are the ideal way to celebrate in style, whether you're organising a corporate event, honouring a team member, or marking a milestone. Present your employees with high-quality corporate gifts that showcase your compassion and professionalism and leave an indelible mark.

You can choose from a range of selections that suit various tastes and occasions as you browse through our selection of corporate gifts under Rs 1000. We offer gifts for everyone, whether you're searching for an elegant present for a team lead, a lighthearted and quirky present for an imaginative team member, or a helpful present for everyday use in the workplace.

Our goal is to make the process of corporate gifting seamless and stress-free for our customers. With our affordable range of corporate gifts for clients and employees under Rs 1,000, you can show your appreciation without exceeding your budget.

Why BoxUp Luxury Gifting is the Best Choice for Corporate Gifts Under 1000?

Indulge in a meaningful and thoughtful gesture of corporate gifting with Boxup Luxury Gifting!

Our team at BoxUp is available to assist you in finding the ideal choice, whether you are choosing individual presents for a few people or placing bulk orders for a sizable corporate function. Here are some of the top-rated reasons that make BoxUp your ideal gifting partner:

  • Wide Array of Customization Possibilities: To ensure that your corporate gift boxes stand out, we provide a limitless array of customisation possibilities, ranging from unique packaging to exclusive labels and premium goods.

  • Value for Money: Our collection of corporate gifts under 1000 encourages buying presentable and chic gifts at affordable prices. The collection has been curated with the motto of providing thoughtful products at the best market prices so you don't have to spend a fortune or stress over the budget when it comes to special occasions and festivities at the workplace.

  • Curated Luxury in Every Hamper: Our online hampers are an assortment of luxuries that compensate for one-of-a-kind business gifts. They range from elegant baskets brimming with wellness products to a combination of high-end products for coffee connoisseurs. Every hamper has a truly amazing theme!

  • Easy Order Processing and Delivery: When you place an order through our online store, you can be confident that it will be delivered quickly and seamlessly, making gift-giving a pleasure.

Get the Perfect Corporate Gifts Under 1000

Add a tinge of personal touch to meaningful corporate gifts for employees by selecting gift hampers as per the occasion!

Our online collection of corporate gifts under 1000 is just in line with a wide range of luxe styles and affordable varieties.

Acknowledge the dedication and resilience of your team with our Handful Surprise Gift Box. This deluxe ensemble features a charming jute bag filled with crisp nuts, a selection of indulgent assorted chocolates, and two elegantly hand-poured soy candles in glass jars, ensuring the recipient savours a truly tranquil moment.

If you are looking for a perfect festival corporate gift under 1,000 for your employees, our Box of Gold is the ideal pick for you! It is a perfect assortment available in a signature box that contains two terracotta diyas, a jute bag of cashews and almonds, and a jar of spicy makhana to set up the festive mood.

Planning to celebrate Diwali in style? Or how about raising a toast to the achiever of the month in the IT hub? BoxUp Luxury Gifting is an online gift store with distinct gift hampers curated in style, keeping the city-specific corporate culture in mind. Explore the list below to choose from our wide range of budget-friendly corporate gifts and enjoy on-time doorstep delivery in your preferred city!

BoxUp ensures Pan India and worldwide delivery of exclusive corporate gifts available under 1000.

Benefits of Buying Corporate Gifts Under 1000 from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

As a reputable online gift shop, we have delighted more than 500 corporate clients and delivered over 1 lakh+ gifts with efficiency. Here are a few carefully chosen perks we provide to our customers:

  • Vast Selection of Products: We provide a wide selection of corporate gift items within 1000 rupees to fit any occasion at the best prices and offers, from sophisticated professional gifts to eye-catching business hampers. We can help you choose high-quality products, personalised branded goods, or distinctive presents that highlight your business's personality!

  • Enticing Packaging: You can choose aesthetic gift packaging without having to spend much on it. Our gift hampers come in reusable and elegant boxes. Opt for luxe-looking gift packaging that is sure to make the recipient feel valued.

  • Reliable Delivery System: We have efficient procedures in place to guarantee that your gift arrives at its intended location on schedule. We ensure everything about the gifting process, from product procurement to packing to delivery, runs smoothly to relieve you of any corporate gifting worries!


1. What are some popular corporate gift ideas under Rs. 1000 in India?

Some of the popular corporate gift ideas under 1000 in India are office desk plants, reusable water bottles, small office accessories, delectable treats like the Hunger Crush gift box, backpacks, etc.

2. How can I personalize a corporate gift under Rs. 1000?

For personalized corporate gifts under 1000, you can opt for utilitarian items like customized water bottles, coffee mugs, keepsakes or office essentials like a notebook with your customized message, logo-imprinted keychains, diary & pen combos, etc.

Additionally, you can pick up several affordable and distinct products to curate your personalized gift basket, keeping your specific budget in mind.

3. Where can I find corporate gifts under Rs. 1000 in India?

For exclusive and bespoke corporate gifts under 1000, head out to BoxUp Luxury Gifting. From office essentials to chic accessories, our online store has eclectic collections of incredible corporate gifts for employees. You can find a distinct gift to celebrate every occasion in style!

4. What is the appropriate budget for a corporate gift in India?

You need to take into consideration the specific occasion, the values of your company, branding style, preferences, and your available resources to decide on a specific budget for corporate gifting. Having said that, corporate gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive, but thoughtfulness and functionality are prerequisites. Additionally, you can check for bulk orders with promotional discounts.

5. What are some eco-friendly corporate gifts under 1000?

While eco-friendly corporate gifts are trending, you can opt for budget-friendly options under 1000 like plant seeds, reusable bottles, desk plants, jute bags, and bamboo journals. These gifts not only cut waste but also convey to the recipient your shared morals and values, presenting a favourable impression of the business.