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Valentine's Gift

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Come February and we see Cupid doing its thing all around us! The air is crisp with the tingle of new lovers and the comfort of the old. The joy of having a woman stand by your side through thick and thin is unparalleled and we know that celebrating her is important to you. First love or your forever love, we have the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her! The process of finding the right Valentine’s Day gift will take you on a journey – through memories and moments you have spent together getting to know each other.

If you pay close attention to the details of your journey, you can pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her that is custom to her likes and preferences! Likes and preferences that she has mentioned, goodies on her wish list, new memories that she wants to make doing new activities, new places she wants to visit, new brands or products she wants to discover – the options are limitless when it comes to looking for gifting inspiration. No matter what her preferences are, we are here to help you pick the right gift for her!

Buy/Send Valentine's Day Gifts for Her from BoxUp Luxury Gifting: Unique & Customized Gift Options

Don’t let the internet convince you to buy boring gifts for your significant other while we are here to give you the option of sending the love of your life the most unique gift hampers! At BoxUp Luxury Gifting, we curate unique hampers with premium products in various ranges and price ranges so that you have the luxury of options!

Are you basking in the freshness and euphoria of your first love and thinking about putting together a celebration for your girlfriend? We have the final detail that will make the moment just perfect! A romantic gift for girlfriend like the Lover’s Delight Gift Box will have your girlfriend’s heart singing with joy!


Are you the lucky man who’s had the love of his life by his side for all these years, and this Valentine’s Day you want a Valentine’s Day gift for Wife to show her your appreciation for her? A hamper like A Woman of Wonder Gift Box will say more than just how much you appreciate her; it shows her how you see her!

Not sure where you stand with the woman in your life? We have you covered there too! With our custom Make your own hamper option, you can explore all our products to custom curate the most perfect hamper for anyone you want to proclaim your love to!

Why BoxUp Luxury Gifting Is the Favorite Online Valentine's Day Gift for Women Store

BoxUp Luxury Gifting was started with the sole purpose of making gifting easy for everyone. Our main goal is to rethink and redefine how we give gift hampers to our loved ones by curating gifts that are more thoughtful and meaningful. Keeping in mind that each person is unique and different, we curate gifts in various categories that you can explore, making us the favorite online store for Valentine's Day gifts for Women. Here are some of our top picks from the different categories we cater to -

Celebrations Gift Box – from our range of hampers that are curated to raise a toast to your unforgettable moments, we have the Blessing’s basket with a wide range of edibles and keepsakes that will be perfect to conclude a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Love & Romance Gifts – made exclusively for love birds that are madly in love with each other, this range has options like The Forever Bundle that screams “love” in each of its tiny little details!

Dry Fruits Gift Box – because we love munchies, but we are also trying to be health conscious, we curated a range of dry fruit hampers that are filled with dry fruits and nuts like The Nutcracker hamper so that you can snack away in peace, and we are sure she will love a healthy hamper!

Food Hampers – our team thrives on good food and to honor the role food plays in all our lives, we have food hampers with cookies, chocolates, nuts, and other snacks curated in hampers like Scrumptious Munch Box that will make any food lover swoon. If the woman in your life loves food, you know what to get her now!

Gifts for Coffee Lovers – It is simply impossible to wrong with a coffee hamper when the woman in your life is a coffee lover. No matter what the occasion or time, they are down for coffee, and a hamper like Esencia del Café with its elegant box and goodies is a hamper that will leave a mark on the heart of your loved one!

Chocolate Gift Boxes – Chocolate has been around as an aphrodisiac for ages, and it has become a symbol of luxury gifting among couples since the dawn of time. Made for intimate celebrations, chocolate gift hampers like Champagne Tales offer great flavors to the palate, while being the perfect way to celebrate the woman of your dreams.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

We have spoilt you with Valentine's Day gift ideas for her and now you feel a bit confused. Worry not – as a studio we promise to make gifting easy for you, even if it means explaining to you why Pamper and Adorn Gift Box is the best gift for her! This hamper comes with three special goodies – a minimal and simple, pure silver chain with a flower-shaped pendant, a body wash from Body Shop that is strawberry scented, and a set of stained hair scrunchies.

These products have been beautifully assembled in a pine wood basket that elevates the presentation to a whole other level – need we say more about why this is the best Valentine's Gift for her? Book now!

Surprise Her with a Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

You have the perfect woman in your life, and you have the perfect occasion to express to her the love you have for her – Valentine's Day! Why stick to the usual dinner and drinks when you can throw a little party with fresh flowers, some balloons, and a gift hamper? This year, surprise her with a thoughtfully planned and arranged surprise party with a very special Valentine's basket hamper that will make her brim with happiness!

The hamper comes with a coffee mug, a ready-to-make Hot Chocolate dip, a heart-shaped crocheted key chain, and lastly a photo frame that you can add a very special photo of you together. With a custom note added to the hamper, the surprise could not get any more perfect!

Benefits of Buying Valentine's Gifts for Girlfriend from BoxUp Luxury Gifting

The internet is brimming with a plethora of options for Valentine's Day gifts for him and her and it can be difficult to choose the right gift for your special one, we understand that. Here is us reassuring you why we are the best choice when it comes to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her!

Limitless options - Who doesn’t love to be spoilt for choice? We at the studio sure as hell love being spoilt for choices no matter what and we love giving that slice of heaven to all our clients! We understand that your significant other may have a wide range of interests and you want to make sure she gets everything she wants. We are here to help you look for Valentine's Day gifts for her that will leave your mind blown!

Lightning speed – In today’s age and time, you don’t have to tell us you’re in a hurry and have no time! We love to work quickly and fast; our studio is buzzing with activity all around the clock so you can rest assured that from the moment you book your hamper, it's chop-chop for us until we have the best Valentine's Day gift delivered to the love of your life! 

Luxurious products - Apart from spoiling you with choices and making gifting easy and effortless for you, we at BoxUp Luxury Gifting promise to give you only the most luxurious gift hampers you can ever lay your eyes on! We make the most luxurious and unique Valentine's gifts for her that have her enveloped in sheer opulence – guaranteed to leave a mark in her memory!

FAQs on Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Q1. How can I ensure the Valentine's Day gift for her is thoughtful & luxurious?

A gift becomes thoughtful when one has taken time to consider the receivers' likes and dislikes and what they would love to use.  Always pay attention to everyday conversations where she might mention the things, she wants but won't buy herself. You can browse Valentines gifts for her on our website where we have a selection of hampers that are luxurious and each of the products has been carefully chosen to add value to the life of the receiver.

Q2. What is the best Valentine's gift for her?

The best Valentines gifts for her is creating magical memories together that one will always cherish. In today's age where time is considered an asset, showing someone that you are willing to set aside time for them goes a long way in expressing how you feel about them. Plan a day out with her where you can do the things that you both enjoy. When the day is done, click a picture and add it to the frame in the Framed Moments hamper and surprise her so that she can have a keepsake from a wonderful day spent together!

Q3. Can I make my own Valentine's Day Gift for her?

Yes, you can! When you have found a partner as rare as a diamond, we understand your need to find a unique Valentines gifts for her that suits her personality and taste. With the make your own hamper option, you can custom curate the hamper of your dreams to suit the likes of the girl of your dreams! From the color of the box to the products inside the hamper, you have the freedom to customize the entire hamper!

Q4. What are some unique Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend?

Tired of the usual Valentine's Day present for her? Check out Freya’s Blessings – a hamper made for the modern-day lover girl with products that won't collect dust and will be used daily, for a dash of romance, add a cute picture of the two of you in the frame in the hamper and you have a unique valentines' gifts for girlfriend. Another traditional yet unique gift option is the Pamper and Adorn Gift Box, which comes with a dainty piece of jewelry and soft scrunchies.

Q5. What are some long-distance gift ideas for Valentine's Day for her?

Hands down, being there in person as a surprise is the best long-distance gift idea for Valentine's Day for her, but if you can't be there, then the Valentine's basket is your next best option! The hamper comes with a photo frame that can hold a photo of a cherished moment that you both share, it has a little heart-shaped keychain that she can always carry around with her and a hot chocolate dipstick that she can brew in the mug that's also in the hamper.