Schnieder Electric's Guests Take Home The Indian Goodies

Client: Schnider Electrics is a global specialist in energy management and automation systems.

Objective: To curate a hamper for Schnier Electric’s foreign dignitaries and guests at a conference hosted for them in Bangalore. The hamper must

  • Contains Indian snacks and edibles
  • Be curated in a way that can be easily taken on flights as the majority of the receivers will be flying out.
  • Not look too formal or corporate

Approach: Ever since our teams sat together for the initial discussion, it was clear that the products must be curated in an easy-to-carry bag or container. Although they were looking for corporate gift ideas, they also wanted something that looked not too corporate. We quickly settled for the jute bag as it fitted the criteria for the hamper – easy to carry and compact, but not too small. The bag is perfect for everyday use and can be reused multiple times. The other requirement for the hamper was to give the receivers a taste of Indian flavors – thus all the items were carefully curated to give them a rich cultural experience. As the receivers were all tech savvy, the team wanted to ensure there was a tech-related product, hence the inclusion of an organizer was an obvious choice.

The final hamper was a good balance of keepsakes and edibles, starting with the outer packaging. For this hamper we went away from our usual box and put the items in a jute bag, this ensured that the receivers would face no issues taking it with them on their flights. The bag is ergonomically designed to neither be too big nor too small and it contains all the classic Indian snacks. The hamper contained Indian snacks like dry samosas, jeera salted cookies, Badam flavored cookies, banana chips, and a box of rich, flavored coffee. The hamper was finished off with a tech organizer kit and a bamboo sipper.

The hamper was exciting to curate as the team had to retain the aesthetics of the hamper while finding an alternative to the usual box. The inclusion of the Indian snacks was a little deviation from our usual options, but it added a fun Indian element to the hamper. The result of this curation was a thoughtful and unique corporate gift.

From the client: “The final hamper fit our criteria perfectly, especially with the bag. We wanted a hamper that looked aesthetically pleasing while not causing an inconvenience to our guests as they were all flying back to their home countries. The snacks in the hamper were a huge hit with our guests as they were the perfect Indian snacks on the go!”

Conclusion: The hamper was curated in a jute bag – a fun way to include various products in a hamper while also keeping the package itself reusable for everyday use and making the container travel-friendly. The manner the hamper is put together makes it a luxury corporate gift. The gift hamper is a mix of Indian snacks and keepsakes, it gives the receiver a taste of rich Indian flavors.

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