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A Guide to Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients In 2023

Any business's long-term, sustainable success depends a lot upon the quality of connections it builds with its customers, vendors, partners, and other stakeholders. Effective corporate gifting is a necessary "love language" for building and maintaining cordial business relations with the stakeholders.

Research shows that global spending on corporate gifting has skyrocketed in the past few years. The global corporate gifting market, estimated at $125 billion before the pandemic, has now become a $242 billion industry. It is expected to rise above $300 billion in the next couple of years.

Unique corporate gifts and carefully curated corporate hampers can nurture and strengthen personal bonds with business associates and employees. This makes choosing innovative gift ideas for corporate gifting even more important! 

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a gesture by companies wherein they present something of value to their clients, employees, business partners, and other stakeholders within the business space. It expresses gratitude and appreciation for their association with the company.

Effective corporate gifting can go a long way in cultivating new business relationships and strengthening existing ones by increasing brand awareness and developing stakeholder loyalty.

Significance of Corporate Gifting

Significance of Corporate Gifting

Thoughtful corporate gifting can be beneficial to businesses in multiple ways.

Build And Maintain Business Relationships

Corporate gifting is not just a business move but an emotionally intelligent gesture to build and maintain relationships with clients, employees, and other stakeholders. It helps to foster closer ties with those your company has business dealings by giving them unique corporate gifts.

Boost Brand Awareness

People like to buy products from businesses they know about and like.

Through corporate gifting, companies can boost brand awareness and generate favourable associations with their brands in the minds of customers and potential customers. Corporate gifting increases brand exposure and customer loyalty.

Boosting Employee Morale

Companies need to recognize and reward the hard work their employees put into their work. Corporate gifting is a great way to honour and motivate employees. Corporate gifts for employees can be customized for a more personal touch. 

Create Goodwill

Well-planned corporate gifting helps foster goodwill among employees, clients, customers, and other key stakeholders. When done right, corporate gifting ideas increase brand exposure and boost customer loyalty, leading to more commercial opportunities.

How to Create Unique Corporate Gift Ideas?

Customized Corporate Gift Hamper

To reap the benefits of great corporate gifting, it is important to develop unique corporate gift ideas and customized corporate gift hampers. Here is how to make your corporate gifts unique.

1. Customize Your Corporate Gift Ideas

Companies that take the time to research their target recipient can find corporate gift ideas that are relevant and of value to their target recipients.

For customizing one-to-one gifts, you can go through your intended recipient's LinkedIn profile and social media feed to learn more about their lifestyle and preferences to give them a personalized gift. 

A certain degree of personalization can still be achieved in one-to-many gifting. Conduct your research on the type of industry your targeted recipients belong to and choose gifts that are relevant to that industry. Gift items like planners and diaries can be easily customized according to industry.

2. Give Actionable Gifts

Corporate gifts that evoke an emotional response are the best. If your company can make your recipient interact with the gift in any way, it is a great first step. If gifting something edible, encourage the recipient to share it with family and friends.

If you give them a gift voucher, tell them to redeem it on your website. You can also give them journals or calendars with your company logo to remind them of your brand every time they use this gift.

List of Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients

  1. Daily Planners
  2. Work Desk Essentials
  3. Hampers and Combo Kits
  4. Candles
  5. Branded Merchandise
  6. Gourmet Hampers
  7. Coffee Companion
  8. Succulents and Desk Plants
  9. Tea and Coffee Blend
  10. Mugs, Flasks, and Sippers

10 Exciting Corporate Gift Ideas to Choose From

Here are a few fun and delightful corporate gifts for clients and corporate gift ideas for customers to choose from. 

1. Daily Planners

Daily Planners

Daily planners with your company's brand name or logo are great as corporate gifts. Choose high-quality planners with separate tabs for to-dos, reminders, goals, and breaks.

Writing down things on a physical planner offers a welcome break from using the phone all day long. You can gift customized planners if possible.

2. Work Desk Essentials

Work Desk Essentials

Work desk essentials are a quintessential part of most corporate gift boxes and corporate hampers. They are useful for everyone, irrespective of whether they work from home or in an office.

Consumables like pens, markers, sticky notes, notepads, and utility items like pen holders, staplers, clocks, desk lamps, mouse pads, etc., come under work desk essentials. 

3. Hampers and Combo Kits

Hampers and Combo Kits

While curating corporate gift boxes, making combo kits is a great idea. These kits include journals, pens, utility tools, calendars, candles, chocolates, and light snacks.

The best thing about hampers is that they can be customized according to the intended recipient base.

4. Candles


Aromatic candles are often considered when curating luxury corporate gift ideas. Aromas have a calming and soothing effect on people and help them calm down.

Candles with floral and citrusy fragrances can inspire people and are a good choice for including in corporate gift hampers. Choose uplifting fragrances to leave an everlasting impression on the recipients.

5. Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise

Corporate gifts for clients and corporate hampers often contain merchandise with the company logo and brand name. Gifting the company's products is a great way of making potential customers familiar with the products.

It also helps deepen the bond employees and existing customers may already have with the brand.

6. Gourmet Hampers

Gourmet Hamper

When planning for Diwali gifts for employees, one can never go wrong with gourmet gifts! Almost everyone loves the occasional sweet treat, especially during festive seasons.

Companies can include specialty chocolates and exotic candy bars in the specially curated gourmet hamper boxes they give their clients and employees.

7. Coffee Companion

Coffee Companion

Coffee companions have always been among the popular corporate gift items. They are classy and make up for a sophisticated gift for your business partner and high-profile clients. 

There is nothing like a carefully selected gift hamper that conveys how special someone is to you. Carefully curated gift hampers are very well received by the recipient!

8. Succulents and Desk Plants

Succulents and Desk Plants

Succulents and desk plants are much in vogue as part of corporate gift hampers.

Rather than a bouquet of flowers that would wither within a day or two, it is better to gift live plants that one can display on their desk. Live plants radiate positive energy and make for beautiful gifts.

9. Tea and Coffee Blends

Tea and Coffee Blends

Everyone loves a hot cup of tea or coffee! Many people enjoy trying out different varieties of tea and coffee blends, especially to break the monotony of drinking the same old blends all the time.

Companies can include specially curated coffee gift hampers as part of their innovative corporate gift ideas for their employees and clients.

10. Mugs, Flasks, and Sippers

Mugs, Flasks, and Sippers

Mugs, flasks, and sippers with your company logo are great gifts to give to your clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

The recipients are sure to form favourable associations with your brand if they sip hot tea or coffee from a mug with your brand logo twice a day. Flasks are lovely for people who love to always keep hot or cold drinks handy.

In Closing Thoughts

Corporate gifting is an excellent opportunity to show the clients, employees, and other stakeholders in a business how much they mean to the company.

Your organization can make the best of corporate gifting by designing and curating thoughtful, customized gift hamper box that cater to the intended recipient's needs and desires. Choose an experienced gifting partner who can help you develop innovative and unique ideas to make the recipients feel appreciated and loved! 

Why BoxUp Luxury Gifting?

For over five years, BoxUp Gifting has been lovingly crafting luxury corporate gift hampers for all occasions, small and big. Whether your company is looking to strengthen your bond with business associates or show your appreciation for your employees, BoxUp has fantastic gift ideas to meet your unique requirements.

We customize and personalize your corporate gift hampers to let each recipient know how special they are. Our experts work on understanding your brand at a deeper level to ideate and design the best gift hampers for your employees and clients. We have ready-to-ship, pre-curated hampers for you if you have a tight schedule and must make a quick decision.

We can also create semi-customized hampers with your branding or even curate one-of-a-kind gift hampers with specialized products for your clients, partners, and employees.

For Lamborghini and BMW, we curate luxury corporate gift hampers with a bottle of delicate sparkling wine, aromatic candles, artisan chocolates, coffee blends, and gorgeous succulents that reflect the class and sophistication these brands stand for.

For Titan, we create festive gift hampers with assorted dry fruits, trail mix, luxurious chocolates, and premium tea blends, keeping the brand's warm family values in mind. While working with vibrant, youthful companies like Spotify and Flipkart, we add fun things like cute notebooks, fruity energy bars, gadget stickers, and card games to the gift packages.

We understand each company is unique and design gifts that reflect the core values your company is known for. Contact our expert product stylists to design the perfect corporate gift ideas that are guaranteed to delight the recipients!

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