"Home is Where the Heart is" Key Handover Gift Hampers for Century Real Estate

Client: Century Real Estate

Objective: To create a hamper to be given to homeowners at the time of key handover. The hamper should emanate a sense of warmth and welcome the owners into their new home. The hamper must be luxurious to hold and have items that are premium. Explore customer gifting ideas that left an impression in their homes.

From the client: To curate a hamper for the clients that includes a mix of articles that can be used in their new home. We’d love to include an item for aromatherapy like some form of incense or candle, an edible, and some keepsakes. We want to explore client gifting ideas that will enrich our clients' homes.”

Approach: Century is a real estate group that has been building homes for a long time and this time around, they planned on curating a handover hamper for their latest project in Bangalore. They approached us looking for gifts for clients that were made thoughtfully with very utilitarian items. Keeping in mind that the hamper was to be made for a newly built home, our Team at BoxUp carefully handpicked articles that add charm and warmth to a new space, making it go from a house to a home.

The final gift hamper box included a range of products that included a set of ceramic side dishes in white with a blue ombre detailing, a ceramic and reed stick diffuser set, a set of handmade wooden tea coasters, a tin of Kashmiri Khawa and an artisanal wax sachet. The hamper is a true feast for the senses as it promises to envelop the homeowners in a warm feeling.

Conclusion: A carefully curated hamper can be a great mood lifter and helps in creating a long-lasting impression about the giver. Gifting clients the hamper was a good way for Century to leave the client with not just keys at handover, but with a lasting memory. The team had very positive feedback from the clients for the hamper as they found the items in the hamper to be very utilitarian and aesthetic at the same time, everything was perfect for the setting up of a new home.

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