Excelberg’s Diwali With The Clients

Client: Excelberg is a financial advisory and consultancy firm based in Bangalore

Objective: To curate a festive gift hamper for Excelberg’s clients for Diwali that must 

  • Have a festive Diwali touch to it
  • Have a mix of edibles and keepsakes
  • Must be curated in a custom box with branding

Approach: The team from Excelberg browsed through our collection of products for the hamper and had different ideas for what the final hamper would look like. They wanted to give their client a hamper that was festive but also had unique products that could be utilized later. They wanted the Diwali gift hamper to be an amalgamation of both traditional and modern items, hence they were also keen on including a set of diyas, lights, or candles.

The final hamper for Excelberg was curated in our signature red box with a mix of edibles and keepsakes. In the Excelberg hamper was a set of two brass diyas, a box of Badam (Almond) biscuits, a glass water bottle with a jute sleeve, a plan table seed calendar, and a jute bag with potpourri.

The Excelberg Diwali hamper had a warm feel with just the right balance of a golden glow. The bottle had a jute sleeve that complimented the jute bag in which the potpourri came in. The little stand on which the seed paper calendar was perched is made from wood and that complimented the cap of the glass water bottle. The brass diyas added shine to the hamper and completed the festive vibe.

From The Client: “Excelberg’s team was looking to celebrate Diwali with clients with a festive Diwali hamper this year. We wanted a hamper that had a mix of items – edibles and keepsakes, along with something they could also use on the desk. We also wanted a small item to celebrate the spirit of Diwali and the final hamper was just the balance between everything we wanted in the hamper.”

Conclusion: The approach to curating this hamper was based on a simple requirement – showcase the festive spirit of Diwali without being over the top or extremely traditional. With the right mix of keepsakes and edibles, the team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting was able to find the perfect balance and curate the hamper as per the team's requirements.

Excelberg Diwali Hamper
Excelberg Diwali Box
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