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Valentine’s Day Dress Code Color List and Meanings

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it is time to make plans for the special day and search for ways to celebrate it with your loved one. Everyone has a different way of expressing their love; some dress for the occasion to take their partner out on a date, while others want to look their best while making the first confession.

It is the perfect day to express your affection for someone special through Valentine's Day gifts and greetings. Apart from this, there are some ways to show your emotions more clearly. Take a look at the Lover's Day dress code and pick the right outfit for the day. The list of colours symbolizes multiple meanings that will add value to your intentions. 

By selecting a Valentine's Day dress code, you can make a statement with your outfit for the day. Each colour signifies a state of thought, making it an important part of celebrating Valentine's Day. Continue reading to find out more about the Valentine's Day dress colour's meaning.

Importance of Valentine's Day Colour Dress Code

Colour psychology talks about the impact of colours on our perceptions and behaviours. It is one of the powerful tools that individuals around the world have been using for centuries to influence moods and actions. Its association with psychological and physical changes has led to some expected emotional responses.

The colours associated with Valentine's Day are Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Black, Green, White, Grey and Brown. Each of these colours denotes a different kind of love.

Pink and Red are the most commonly worn colours on Valentine's Day. These also happen to be one of the best colour combinations for a statement outfit. Red signifies love and pink means gentleness. However, if you like both colours, you can opt for them both. It's a day to celebrate love, so don't hesitate to go over the top!

Similarly, you can wear black on Valentine's Day to symbolise your disinterest or blue to indicate your interest in dating. The meaning of these Lover's Day colours makes it easier to pick a fashion style that aligns with your Valentine's Day plans.

You can also use these colours to let your special someone know how you feel about them. Pick your choice of dress code and grab a Valentine's gift for him to make a successful proposal.

Importance of Valentine's Day Colour Dress Code

If you are curious about how to dress for the day using the Valentine's Day Dress code, we are here to help. Continue reading to find out more about which colour you should pick for the day. 

Colour Codes For The Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit

Here's a list of Valentine's Day colours and their meanings, this should help in figuring out which colour you should wear on the special day. 

1. Red: In Love

Red: In Love

First on the list is the colour Red, which stands for love and romance. To let others know you are already in love, dress up in a red outfit and go on a candlelight date with your loved one. Make the day extra special by choosing Valentine's gifts for herlike chocolates, flowers and plushies.

2. Yellow: Just Broke up

Yellow: Just Broke up

Yellow, as the Valentine's Day colour code, denotes that you have recently broken up with someone. With a broken heart, you set out to heal yourself. If a secret someone is waiting for you all this while, they'll know what's on your mind through the dress code. 

3. Orange: Ready to Propose

Orange: Ready to Propose

Orange is another colour which is very popular on Valentine's Day. This lively and cheerful colour symbolizes that you are soon going to propose to someone.

Style an orange shirt or dress and set out to propose with flowers and gifts. The Valentine's Day dress code will be a gentle reminder that you are about to make a big move.

You can also level up your proposal with a gift like The Cup of Love Hamper, which includes a variety of flavoured coffee and coffee mugs. This will showcase your love and commitment to your partner and help make them feel special. 

4. Blue: Ready for Proposals

Blue: Ready for Proposals

Wear the colour Blue to let others know that you're ready for a proposal. It shows that you're open to seeing people or ready to get engaged. Meet your partner with The Framed Moments Hamper as a gift and let them know about your intentions to take the relationship to the next level. 

5. Pink: Proposal Accepted

Pink: Proposal Accepted

Congratulations on being engaged! Time to take the pink dress or suit out of the closet and style it. Pink is the way to declare your new engagement to your friends. It's time to celebrate the happy days with your friends and families and let them know about how happy you are. 

6. Black: Healing from a Rejected Proposal

Black: Healing from a Rejected Proposal

Black might be a favourite of many, but on Valentine's Day, it symbolizes rejection. You just got your heart broken because of a rejected proposal.

Wear a black outfit to portray your state of mind. It's alright to take time off and heal. Choosing black will mean that you are not interested in looking for love right now. 

7. Green: Waiting for an Answer

Green: Waiting for an Answer

Green represents the waiting stage of a proposal. Maybe you've proposed to someone but haven't received an answer yet. Wear green on a special day to declare your love for your crush. 

8. White: I'm Engaged

White: I'm Engaged

If you're one of the lucky ones who just got engaged, then it's time to wear white! Happy and soon-to-be-married couples can wear white outfits to declare their love for each other. Spend Valentine's Day with matching fits and customized gift hampers for each other. 

9. Grey: Not Interested

Grey: Not Interested

Declare your disinterest in dating someone by wearing grey for the day. Grey will let others know that you are not interested in any proposal at the moment. Another alternative to grey is to wear purple outfits, which denote the same meaning. These Valentine's Day dress codes are a subtle way of making yourself feel heard. 

10. Brown: I'm Heartbroken

Brown: I'm Heartbroken

Choose self-love when you feel heartbroken. Wear the colour brown to proclaim the journey of finding yourself again. This will help others to understand you better and extend a helping hand in case you need some extra love. Maybe the Valentine's Day dress code will help you to meet new people with whom you can start a new friendship. 

Decoding Valentine's Day Colours with The Right Outfits

Spend your Valentine's Day wearing thoughtful outfits and buying colour-coded gifts for each other. With every hue of colour, Valentine's Day can be celebrated in diverse and inclusive ways.

Whether you plan to confess to someone or let your crush know that you're free to date, try out the above mentioned dress code colours and speak your heart out. It is all about the subtle hints and quirky ways that will easily get your special message delivered.

Whether your friend just got her heart broken or you're planning to celebrate the day with your partner, gifts are an excellent way to show love and affection towards the person. Shop for Valentine's Day gifts to showcase how much you cherish such a warm and special bond with them.

Visit the online store of BoxUp Luxury Gifting and check out the wide range of gift hampers catered for every occasion. If you've been waiting to make the first move, show up to the first meet in a Valentine's Day colour code and a customized gift hamper to win some heart points!

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