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12 Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Interested in exploring a unique yet romantic list of gifts for long-distance couples? Valentine's Day might be around the corner. Or are you celebrating your anniversary anytime soon? Or it must be their birthday.

But if it is none of the above, you still are on the right page, for you don't need an occasion to surprise your sweetheart who is far away with a well-thought-out gift.

In this blog, we will share the twelve best long-distance gift ideas. You can buy one now or make notes to make your work easier when you approach a special day for which you must send a gift. Explore the top 12 gift ideas best suited for your loved ones staying miles apart. These gifts are best to help couples show love and joy across distance.

Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Couples

  1. Jewellery
  2. Chocolate Hampers
  3. A Photo Frame
  4. A Coffee Companion Hamper
  5. Fragrance
  6. A Passport Holder
  7. A Clean Slate Hamper
  8. Nuts and Dry Fruits
  9. Keychain
  10. A Personalized Mug
  11. A Gardening Kit
  12. A Bedside Lamp

1. Jewellery


This one is one of the best gifts for girlfriends and needs no explanation for why this should be at the top of the list. But if you still need one, here's a secret.

Women always silently expect their sweetheart to surprise them with such a gift. And this is more delightful when it comes to her as a long-term gift. 

What's more, at BoxUp Luxury Gifting, we make it even more special by presenting it with a bunch of scrunches and other such pretty items for the perfect romantic long-term gift.  

2. Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate Hampers

Ask a woman what the next thing they love after the jewellery is; the answer you will most likely get is chocolates. And no, you don't have to wait for Chocolate Day to give her this chocolate gift.

You can get a chocolate hamper in just the right way to make one of the most blissful gifts for girlfriends. This way, you can give her some chocolate, healthy, crunchy nuts, and maybe a few other romantic gifts.

So, when she is done with the chocolate and the nuts, she can always keep the custom note and other things that came in the box as her chocolate gift.

3. A Photo Frame

A Photo Frame

For them, a photo frame is one gift that can never go wrong, whether it be a gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend. When you are in a relationship, more so a long-distance one, there is always that moment in your life that you want to frame and bring to a standstill. 

4. A Coffee Companion Hamper

A Coffee Companion Hamper

Coffee mixed with some of your partner's favourite treats would make one of the best long-term gifts for a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can opt for our nice and artsy coffee companion hamper that you can delight your loved one with on a special occasion, be it her birthday or Valentine's Day.

5. Fragrance


After coffee, there's yet another item that would make a great birthday gift for a long-distance girlfriend or your boyfriend. Have you ever realized how much people love to pamper themselves with fragrances? And now, think of how much more special this one will be for you.

Gift a nice fragrance for your loved one, so that they can smell fresh and fragrant all day.

6. A Passport Holder

This one's for the travellers who are always hopping in and out of planes. Getting a passport holder is one of the best gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends, and it is the best way to make them think of you while on their trips. 

But make sure that it's well presented with maybe a shower gel and a cookie box, things that can again make your partner remember you and, at the same time, pamper them. 

7. A Clean Slate Hamper

A Clean Slate Hamper

A Clean Slate Hamper is filled with all the necessities to help your better half start the new year well and get their life in order. This is an excellent gift for a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend- especially for someone who likes to have an organized life, and you want to help them achieve that!

With the help of the hamper's pristine, sophisticated, and fashionable calendar, you can manage everything well. As a lovely finishing touch, the hamper comes with a box of mixed chocolates.  

8. Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Perhaps your sweetheart is a fitness freak who likes to stay healthy. Or is she just a stressed-out soul who tends to munch on things she gets to eat? 

Either way, a box of healthy fruits and nuts is what you need to send as the perfect dry fruit gift box for your long-distance girlfriend.

What better way to encourage your sweetheart to cultivate good habits and stay healthy? Almonds, pistachios, raisins, put them all nicely in a box with a notecard, and your sweetheart will surely appreciate the effort behind it. 

9. A Keychain


There are always those times when you get broke at the wrong time. Yet, their birthday is soon approaching, and it wouldn't be nice to forgo a birthday gift for a long-distance boyfriend. 

A keychain is one little gift that fits perfectly well on an occasion like this. Make sure it's well thought out, personalized if possible, and presented with as much love as possible.

10. A Personalized Mug

A Personalized Mug

The mug is another not-so-expensive option for a long-distance relationship gift. And there is no end to how much you can personalize before you send someone a mug as a gift. You can make the gift extra special by presenting it with a notepad, a fragrance, or any other additional gift that is unique to your relationship. 

11. A Gardening Kit

A Gardening Kit

If your partner is a nature lover, one of the best LDR gift ideas is a gardening kit. Every time your partner tends to their garden, they will think of you.

Moreover, a gardening kit provides ongoing moments of connection as you share updates about the progress of the plants, exchange gardening tips, and much more.

12. A Bedside Lamp

A Bedside Lamp

Investing in a beautiful and elegant lamp can be a meaningful and cherished gift for your long-distance partner, creating a lasting memory every time they reach out to turn it off before bedtime.

Consider selecting a lamp that reflects your partner's taste and style, adding a personal touch to the gift. The lamp will serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Discover Unforgettable Connections with Long-Distance Gifts

And these are twelve of the best long-distance gifts. Now that you have a varied list, it's up to you to decide on the perfect gift hamper. Take the time out to think. Think about something you have never given your partner till now from the above list. 

You can also explore BoxUp Luxury Gifting to browse through multiple gifting options for your partner! Pick the best gift that will be remembered as the one. 


Q1. What makes BoxUp Luxury Gifting Special?

The answer lies in the brand's very name. No matter what gift you choose, BoxUp Luxury Gifting makes it special by keeping all the contents beautifully boxed up and packed within. 

Q2. What do I do if I can't decide?

Perhaps you can't decide on the best LDR gift idea. Then, don't worry, for BoxUp Luxury Gifting has got it all sorted for you. You must get a little bit of everything arranged beautifully in a box and sent over to surprise her.

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