BoxUp Luxury Gifting Corporate Catalogue 2024

Corporate Gift Catalogue

Corporate gifts are integral to shaping a company's brand identity. They not only strengthen relationships with employees and clients but also reflect the values and personality of the organization. 

For those seeking exemplary options, BoxUp Luxury Gifting presents a wide array of corporate gifts designed to elevate your company as a positive workplace.

Our offerings are diverse because we aim to provide something for every taste and preference. This carefully curated corporate gift catalogue will showcase the different types of products that we offer for the most memorable gifting experience.

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Discover a variety of unique gifts tailored to every taste and preference. Our catalogue showcases:

1. Eco-Friendly Packages

Companies are now, more than ever, looking at corporate gifts that are sustainable and work towards a brighter and greener tomorrow. Consider getting gift boxes that use bio-degradable materials and help the planet become greener.

The eco-friendly gift hamper for employees with a cork journal, cork coasters, and wood finish pen can be a great option to help employees focus better on their work. Another wonderful option is the Savvy and Sustainable Gift Hamper, which comes with the same pen and journal and has a tin of aromatic tea for destressing.

2. Modern Hampers

Technological gifts are perhaps the star presents of any corporate gift catalogue PDF. They are fast becoming the most popular options for companies because they have a sleek look and offer long-lasting durability for a lasting impression on the receiver.

Consider getting the MVP Hamper for your company's highest achiever, which comes with items like a temperature-holding sipper and a portable mini speaker. The Sensational corporate gift box, containing a tech organizer and wireless earphones with premium Smoor cookies is a great celebratory box for high-achieving employees and loyal clients.

3. Nuts, Goodies, and More

Nuts, dry fruits, and other such treats make for amazing client gifting options as they spell luxury and offer longevity. Such rewards and recognition gifts can go a long way in creating a positive brand image and promoting the company as a stand out from the competition.

The Crunchy Cracker Gift Hamper is a great option here because it contains dry fruits like pistachios and cashews, along with chocolate-covered almonds and premium Smoor chocolate. A celebratory box, good for big days at the workplace, is the brilliance gift hamper, which comes with a bottle of fine Fratelli wine, fragrant candles, and instant coffee powder for a holistic celebratory experience.

4. Boxes to Cure the Coffee Addiction

No corporate catalogue is complete without gifts that cater to the coffee enthusiasts in your office!

These curated boxes are designed to keep recipients inspired and focused throughout their workday.

Consider our Luxe & Inspiration Gift Hamper, featuring a cork white mug for their coffee, a notebook, and a pen to capture every new idea. Or celebrate your team's dedication with the caffeinated Cheer Leader Hamper, complete with coffee essentials, air-freshening wax sachets, and a portable coffee mug.

5. Desk Essentials

Desk essentials are essential for every corporate gift catalogue because they are daily requirements that remind your employees and clients about your gesture for a long time. Consider getting products and gift hampers that uplift any desk and help receivers focus better on their work.

Remind employees and clients to remain hydrated as they work through a busy day with a gift hamper of essentials, which comes with a black steel bottle, a metal coffee sipper, and a mobile holder for convenience.

For a sleek touch, consider our Bold in Black Gift Box, complete with a cork coffee mug, a faux leather journal, and a metal pen—all in timeless black that enhances any workspace.

6. Branded Business Boxes

Branded corporate gifts are perhaps the most innovative present options in any corporate catalogue because they stand as innovative gift options. They are good for gifting because they are great as both rewards and brand promotions, which makes them good for the gifting experience.

The Icy Boss Gift Hamper would be a great option, as it comes with a geometric bottle, vanilla-flavored coffee, and a journal you can customize with your brand logo.

You can also consider our Thoughtful new year hamper if you want to put a creative spin on branded business boxes. There are items like a seed paper calendar and coffee sipper; you can get your logo on the box and the coasters in the box for brand promotion.

7. The Warm Welcome Gift

Starting a new journey is not easy, but you can make it a little easier for the new joiners by making it a memorable event.

Corporate gifts for employees include memorable items that are great for a warm welcome. Employees who feel like a part of the company are more excited to work towards its betterment.

For a touch of luxury, consider our Warm Welcome Gift Box, featuring a jar of premium coffee, a bamboo sipper, and a faux leather notebook in regal shades of red.

Alternatively, our A1 Welcome Kit offers post-it notes, a bamboo smart flask, and a sustainable pen and notebook, ensuring a thoughtful and practical welcome gesture.

8. Creative Office Companions

Any corporate gift catalogue PDF is incomplete without office essentials that come in handy with the everyday working of any company. These gifts are great options because they are tokens of appreciation that employees and clients see every day, making them ideal gifts.

You can consider getting the Office Companion Gift Box, which comes with a black journal, a black point pen, a jar of Himalayan pink salt brittle, and a grey coffee sipper. This is a great option for everyday needs. The Everygreen Gift Hamper can be a great idea as it comes with a faux plant, a hand-poured, all-natural soy wax candle, and a bottle with a pull-out mobile stand and microfiber cloth.

This corporate catalogue PDF shows the different gift options that BoxUp Luxury Gifting offers to companies of various sizes and aesthetics. With our premium services, you can find the most stunning gifts that match your brand voice and work to enhance the company.

To get the best gifts for your company and adequately show your heartfelt gratitude, consider using BoxUp Luxury Gifting's services today for a premium gifting experience!