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10+ Best Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 10+ Best Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas
  • The Day Starter
  • The Eco-Employee Gift Hamper
  • Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper
  • A Small Retreat
  • Scrumptious Munch Box
  • Gift Cards
  • Desk Accessories
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Tech Accessories
  • Lapel Pins
  • Food Baskets
  • Customized Wearables
  1. Tips to Buy Corporate Gifts for Employee Appreciation
  2. Define your Employee Appreciation Gift with Perfection
  3. FAQs


There is a saying that a happy employee is worth more than just numbers. Expressing gratitude for hard work will make an employee feel like family. In such a scenario, employee appreciation gifts fit into the picture quite well.

Preparing corporate gift hampers can be a daunting task. Worry not, as BoxUp Luxury Gifting has got you covered with trending gift ideas to choose from. Take a quick peek at this list of the top 10 corporate gift ideas to express your appreciation with a touch of professionalism.

10+ Best Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

We now list some of the best and most unique employee appreciation gifts that you can select and present to your employees.

1. The Day Starter

The Day Starter Gifts

Think of it this way! Offering a personalized notebook is an excellent choice. You can personalize the notebook with the company name, and they can use it for official or personal purposes. You can choose from a classic leather-bound journal, a sleek spiral notebook, or a trendy bullet journal.

It is one of the best employee appreciation day ideas to boost team spirit and make everyone happy.

2. The Eco-Employee Gift Hamper

Eco-Employee Gift Hamper

Yes! You read it right. Using sustainable materials to prepare exclusive eco-employee gift hampers is a great way to express how you care for the environment, too. This savvy hamper comes with a journal, a wooden pen, and a coffee mug.

Oh, wait! Let's add a set of two cork coasters to make this hamper complete. Also, include a custom note card expressing your gratitude towards the employees for their absolute dedication and for taking corporate gift-giving to the next level. Your employees will love it. 

3. Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper

Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper

 Nothing can match the awesomeness of the colour black. Be it a coffee sipper or a water bottle, a matte black finish is envied by all. Why not make it the best employee appreciation idea that adds class and style?

You can gift your employee a hamper with a chic black sharp and steely water bottle, a coffee sipper, and a metal phone holder. Wrap these items in a luxury black box with a gold ribbon, and you are set. Get appreciated by your employees for this neat idea and win their hearts.

4. A Small Retreat

Small Retreat With Team

The best way to boost your team’s morale is by arranging a picnic. A small outing will not harm the daily workflow, of course. A subtle change in the environment, far away from hectic schedules, will refresh your employees. They will gain new perspectives as they bond on matters other than official matters.

It is one of the best and most affordable employee appreciation ideas that can be arranged once a year.

5. Scrumptious Munch Box

Scrumptious Munch Box Gift

Gift employees on festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, etc. to express how much you appreciate them. Employees will consider you a part of the family when you engage in something personal on these occasions.

For example, you can choose a beautifully designed Thanksgiving gift for employees (Scrumptious Munch Box) and win their hearts. The Scrumptious Munch Box holds treasures to savour. Dive into the indulgence with a Sensation Chocolate Box and Rich Choco Chip Cookies.

Explore further with Classic Almonds, Premium Pistachios, Whole Cashew Nuts, and Golden Raisins. Express your gratitude with a personalized touch through our custom note card. It will work like a charm!

6. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

One of the best employee appreciation gifts is a gift card. This thoughtful gift will focus on the overall well-being of employees. You can go with virtual cards with a credit limit that employees can use to meet their needs. It can also be for a wellness experience.

Let them unwind from stress with such gift cards presented before a long-awaited holiday arrives. This effort will make them feel special.

7. Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories Type Gift

Employees love to arrange their desks and keep them clean and decluttered. Why not be a part of this daily activity? Gift them a file organizer, a small note keeper, a personal clock, or a small plant.

These employee appreciation day ideas will showcase how much you care for and appreciate the daily efforts of your employees. Throw in a stress-reliever toy, say thanks for the daily hustle, and see how magic happens.

8. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

One of the most popular exercises a team does is get to know their mates. Figure out what they prefer to do in the pastime and search for employee appreciation gift ideas.

If an employee likes to solve puzzles, gift him one. If someone has a hobby for gardening, gift them a gardening kit. These personal gifts show them how much you care for them individually and make them feel special.

9. Tech Accessories

Tech Accessories

Unique employee appreciation gifts come from following the latest trends. We are all into gadgets that make our lives easier. A travel charger, a phone holder, a smartwatch, a mouse pad with a message, or a good keyboard are great ideas to go with.

Such gifts are ideal for birthdays or even for any achievement you want to celebrate as a team.

10. Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are customized based on achievements or events. These employee appreciation day gifts can showcase how dedicated an employee is.

For instance, gifting an employee a lapel pin for completing a particular period is a great idea to boost morale.

11. Food Baskets

Food Baskets

Employees tend to overlook their health, resulting in physical and mental issues. Show how much you care for them by gifting them good baskets. Arrange high-quality organic fruits, nuts, etc. to make a lovely basket to show you care for them.

12. Customized Wearables

Customized Wearables Gifts

Wearable items such as sweatshirts, hoodies, polo t-shirts, etc. are great ideas for affordable employee appreciation gifts that create brand value. Your company’s logo, a style statement, and a brilliant colour choice are what you need to make it adorable.

Tips to Buy Corporate Gifts for Employee Appreciation

You now have an idea of the best gifts for employees. Here are a couple of things you need to consider while choosing a suitable one.

  • Company culture
  • Usefulness
  • Employee preferences
  • Latest trends
  • Recognition of milestones or any event
  • Company branding elements

Always go for employee appreciation gifts that are practical and useful. Employees love to follow a leader who makes sustainable and ethical choices with an eye for detail.

Define your Employee Appreciation Gift with Perfection

Employee Appreciation Gift with Perfection

Choose the right brand to design such corporate gifts for employees. Show your gratitude and pride in your employees by giving them something special. Make sure to appreciate their year-long efforts by celebrating special occasions.

Try BoxUp Luxury Gifting for exceptional employee appreciation gift options to make them feel worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I customize a gift hamper for employee appreciation?

Customizing a gift hamper for employee appreciation involves tailoring the contents to suit each individual's preferences and interests. You can include handwritten notes expressing gratitude and add personalized touches like monogrammed items or company-branded merchandise to enhance the gift's significance.

2. What is the best employee appreciation gift?

Personalize a gift, considering the preferences of individual employees if possible. Go for daily-use items that employees can use.

3. Can flowers be an appreciation gift for employees?

A flower bouquet with a personalized note is a good choice for employee appreciation. Daisies, lilies, and orchids are an excellent way to liven up any place, especially the home of an employee who deserves praise.

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