V and P’s Presents for their Housewarming

Client: V and P

Objective: To curate two types of hampers for a housewarming ceremony that will be given to two sets of people – one was for family members and the other one was for co-workers and acquaintances. The hampers must contain 

  • One small bag/box of edibles
  • Something for the home (for family hampers)
  • Something that was more corporate (for the co-worker's hampers)

Approach: When the couple planned out their guest list, they had two sets of people coming – one was family and the other was co-workers and acquaintances. They were clear that they would like to have two different hampers for both groups and each group would feel different, they wanted a more warmer and intimate feeling hamper for the family members and a slightly more corporate hamper for their co-workers and acquaintances. Their house was named “Sanskrithi” and they wanted this on their box and some of the items in the corporate hamper.

As the clients decided to go ahead with two separate hampers, each of the hampers had a different look and feel to it. The first hamper, curated for the family had a rather traditional aesthetic and feel to it as it came with a set of two traditional South Indian style brass coffee cups and “bowls”, a jar of premium filter coffee, and a jute bag of mixed crunchy nuts that has cashews, pistachios, almonds, and raisins. The second hamper that was curated for co-workers and acquaintances was fashioned as a more corporate hamper but with a focus on the customization of the products. The second hamper contained a black journal and a coffee mug with a lid that had a custom print of the house name on it. Along with this, the hamper also contained a metal pen and a bag of mixed crunchy nuts that had cashews, pistachios, almonds, and raisins. Both the hampers had a custom note from the couple.

Both the sets of gift hampers were assembled in customized outer boxes that had the name of the house for co-workers and acquaintances and the name of the house and the couple’s initials on the box that was curated for the family members. The attention to detail on each of the hampers added to the uniqueness of the hampers that were curated.

From The Client: “We wanted to curate two hampers as we were having two sets of guests for our event and wanted them both to experience the event differently. We were excited to see the various options that BoxUp Luxury Gifting had to offer and are happy that we could curate two hampers that gave a very different feel to it. We are happy with the way both the hampers turned out!”

Conclusion: Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting was happy to be part of this occasion for the couple and to be able to deliver two different hampers with different requirements. The customization in the hamper went to show the attention to detail that the couple put into their planning and we loved working with such an amazing attitude.

V and P Presents for their Housewarming
V and P Hampers for Housewarming
Housewarming Hampers from V and P
V and P Hampers
V and P Gift for Housewarming
V and P Gift
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