Titan Celebrates 5k With Their Employees

Client: Titan Company Limited is an Indian company that mainly manufactures fashion accessories such as jewelry, watches, and eyewear.

Objective: To curate a hamper to thank Titan employees for their contribution towards sales. The hamper must 

  • Make space for two items from the Titan group
  • Be curated in a box and have a mug with “5K” printed on it both
  • Include an edible

Approach: The brief from Titan was clear and straightforward, they were celebrating a good sales year with their employees and wanted to send a hamper to them to thank them for their efforts. They wanted to include two items in each of the hampers from the Titan family, along with a few other items. They were keen on branding the products, so we explored items that made that possible.

The final gift hamper was a curation of two products from Titan – a leather wallet and a perfume bottle from their signature lines, artfully assembled in a cream color box with a gold “5k” foiled on top. Also in the hamper were two other items – a black coffee mug with “5K” printed on it and a box of Himalayan Pink Salt Brittle. The hamper was put together with a custom note from Titan to their employers.

The hamper curation was put together with inputs from Titan as they already had a few items on their list. The hamper came together well with the detailing like foil on the box and the print on the coffee cup.

From The Client: “We want a simple employee's gift hamper that would also include two items from the Titan family – a wallet and perfume. Along with the items, we also wanted to include a note and keepsakes that had the celebration logo. Titan is happy about the growth we have had, and we thought the hamper was a nice gesture to appreciate our employees for all the effort that they put in.”

Conclusion: The hamper was a thoughtful and well-put-together gesture from Titan to their employees as they celebrated a good financial quarter. Having products from their signature collections made the hamper more personal to the ones receiving them and the additional items were a nice touch to the curation. Along with the Titan team, we were able to put together the most appropriate employee appreciation gifts.

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