Software AG Welcomes Their New Team Members

Client: Software AG (SAG) is a technology company that provides enterprise integration software solutions.

Objective: To curate an onboarding hamper for Software AG that is reflective of the company’s needs and requirements. The hamper must 

  • Include a custom t-shirt with the company logo
  • Include some edibles
  • Have a stack of cards with company guidelines along with a custom welcome note.

Approach: Software AG approved the BoxUp Luxury Gifting team looking for fun and unique onboarding corporate gifts for employees for their new employees and they really wanted to include a custom t-shirt. Keeping that in mind, we curated a hamper that included a few other items after a few discussions and samplings.

The final hamper had four carefully curated items as per the company's requirements. The hamper included a t-shirt with the company logo on the front, a custom coffee mug with a lid that also had the company logo, and a custom fabric tote bag with the company logo the final item in the hamper was a box of assorted chocolates in various flavors. In the hamper was also a set of cards that outlined the company details and policies, along with a custom welcome card for the new employees.

The gift hamper was all assembled in a custom white hamper with the company logo. All the items in the hamper were customized as per the company guidelines, the inclusion of the fabric tote style bag was very interesting as it is a very utilitarian product for daily use. The hamper fulfilled all their requirements for the custom corporate gifts they had envisioned.

From The Client: “We wanted to curate an onboarding hamper for our new team members that was light and refreshing. After looking at some corporate gift ideas, we were keen on including a t-shirt in the hamper and the team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting was able to include it along with the other items we like internally at Software AG. We are extremely satisfied with the way the hampers have been made.”

Conclusion: The hamper was a rather unique corporate onboarding hamper with the inclusion of the fabric tote bag. With the other items in the hamper, they came together in unity and had a positive and welcoming aura to them. The company focused more on corporate branding on the items rather than corporate items in the hamper, it made the hamper stand out from other corporate hampers.

Software AG Hampers for New Team Members
Hampers for Software AG New Team Members
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