Key Handover Hamper Curation for Trilight

Client: Trilight is a one-of-a-kind luxury apartment project based in Hyderabad that is a truly unique project in the vicinity.

Objective: To create a key handover hamper unlike any other found in the market for a premium real estate company. The project must take an elevated approach to real estate gifting.  The hamper must: 

  • be theme-based. 
  • enable the homeowner to create a cozy ambiance at home!
  • visually represent the aesthetics of the builders

Approach: Right from our first conversation with the client, we were sure of one thing – the vision they had for this hamper was unlike anything we have seen so far. As the clients were all HNI, the team was insistent on one key thing – the hamper must be luxurious in every single aspect. The references shared of the requirements were very Western as it reflected their project the best and Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting set out to match their requirements as close to the reference as possible.

After many discussions and trials, the final hamper included a wide variety of products that enabled Trilight’s clients to create a “Cozy café corner” at home where they can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in their own comfort and privacy. The hamper included a serving tray, a French press, a Borosil carafe, a set of coffee mugs and coasters, a set of spoons and a tong, a set of napkins, tins containing coffee and tea, décor elements like a small blackboard and chalk and decorative flowers and an aromatic candle. The final item in the gift hamper was a silver coin, custom-made with the Trilight logo.

The hamper was completed with one aim – to give the client a premium experience once they receive the keys to their new home. The hamper will enable the client to have a complete café set up at home, a truly rich experience they can enjoy from the privacy of their new home.

From the client: “The Trilight team is extremely happy with the way the hamper turned out. We have received positive feedback for the initial set of hampers that were given out and are confident that our remaining clients will be equally thrilled to be receiving the hampers as they are truly unique welcome gifts. The hamper curation has done justice to our requirements and fits our project perfectly.”

Conclusion: This project gave an entirely different approach to hamper curation as it was strictly theme based. The attention to detail on this project – from the custom box, and custom cards inside to the custom labeling on every item in the hamper- elevated the experience of buying a property from Trilight. Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting is happy to be part of curating such a unique client gift. This hamper is a further extension of the Trilight brand's tagline “Beyond Experience”. 

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