Hamper for Amber's New Employees

Client: Amber is an online accommodation booking platform for students. They help find and book accommodation worldwide near their universities.

Objective: To create a fun-filled onboarding hamper for Amber’s new employees. The hamper must:

  • Reflect on the brand values. 
  • Make for a fun conversation starter at the company. 
  • Be a memorable keepsake for later.

Approach: As we discussed with Amber’s team, we learned that their team is a bunch of active young minds that worked on making finding student accommodation easy and hassle-free. They were essentially looking at corporate gifts that were welcome gifts for new employees. We wanted the hamper to reflect that energy while being utilitarian at the same time. We considered giving them a mix of edibles and keepsakes so that they can have memorabilia from the start of their career in Amber.

After a few conversations and presenting options, the final gift hamper was concluded to have a box of Pringles, a box of Smoor chocolates, a water bottle, a coffee mug with a lid, a spiral-bound notepad, a metal pen, and a small photo frame. The water bottle, mug, and notepad came with custom branding to instill the company image in new employees.

The hamper was put together after carefully considering the message that Amber wanted to convey to their employees and what we believe is most useful for new employees at the company.  A notebook and pen to jot down important details, a quote in a photo frame for their desk that they can personalize, some snacks, and two containers – one for water and the other for coffee because one needs to be alert and hydrated! The hamper was completed with a sleeve on top of the box that perfectly reflects Amber as a brand.

Testimonial: “Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting curated a hamper that fit our needs perfectly and we are happy with the way the hamper has come out. The hamper looks classy and not too corporate-like as the snacks add a fun element to the hamper.”

Conclusion: The hamper that was finalized was a mix of edibles and keepsakes with enough branding to represent the company, but not be an overkill for the eyes. The hamper was subtle while still reflecting the brand values and made for an exciting onboarding hamper. The hamper for this project is a fine sample for the perfect corporate gifts for employees as it has a mix of products that is suitable for all employees.

Amber's Onboarding Hamper
Amber's Gift Hamper
Personalized Photo Frame
Personalized Stickers
Gift Hamper Box
Customized Gift Hamper
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