Festive Diwali Wishes from Kongsberg To Employees

Client: Kongsberg

Objective: To create a Diwali hamper for employees with products that celebrate the true spirit of the festival. The hamper must;

  • Be in festive Diwali colors
  • Have a mix of edibles, fragrances and keepsake
  • Have the brand logo on the hamper

Approach: As part of Diwali celebrations this year, Kongsberg gave their employees a festive hamper that celebrated the spirit of Diwali. They were looking at the perfect products suited for Diwali gifting and were festive employees' gifts, this included some diyas, fragrances, and some nuts. The team was keen on natural diyas and fragrances, hence we also planned to include a suitable keepsake.

After exploring a few options, the final hamper was a mix of lights, aromas, and snacks. The client required a festive and traditional box, so our first addition was a box of Phool Dhoop that comes in a very colorful box that fits our requirements, along with a flower-shaped fragrant candle and a reusable, carved wood block diya holder. Each Diya block is unique as they are individually finished off by hand. This diya can be reused by replacing the tea light candle in the wooden block.  The last addition to the hamper is two jute bags with cashews and almonds, as the client wanted to include some crunchy and healthy snacks.

Overall, the gift hamper had a traditional and vibrant Diwali aesthetic, it was one of the most unique corporate gifts curated this Diwali by Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting. The hamper was assembled in a red box, customized with the brand logo, and finished off with a gold ribbon and décor on the inside. The illustration on the box of the Dhoop complimented the wood block diya and flower candle fit in with the Diwali mood and client requirements. This hamper shows how big surprises can come from cute-size hampers!

From the client: “The team wanted a very festive hamper that did not look or feel like a corporate hamper. We simply wanted it to reflect the true spirit of Diwali as the team wanted to celebrate this occasion with them. The final hamper fits well into our requirements and budget with the overall hamper being very bright and well put together.

Conclusion: We created a hamper that was a Diwali-inspired hamper than the usual corporate hamper. The team wanted to celebrate the true spirit of Diwali and we were able to decide on the perfect products for the same. The box was a simple, yet meaningful hamper that was a positive gesture from the company to the employees.

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