Elite EPM's Happy Diwali To The Team

Client: Elite EPM is a consultancy for supply and demand management, Sales and Operations Planning, and Sales and Inventory Management among other things.

Objective: To come up with Diwali gift ideas for employees that will; 

  • Look and feel festive
  • Have a custom keepsake
  • Have a mix of edibles and keepsakes

Approach: The team from Elite EPM wanted to celebrate Diwali with their team by sending them a thoughtfully curated hamper with fun goodies. They wanted Diwali gift ideas for employees that had a little bit of everything and had to be utilitarian at the same time.

The final hamper was a mix of both edibles and keepsakes. The keepsakes were customized to have the logo of Elite EPM as per their requirements. In the hamper was a tech organizer, a parker pen, a set of traditional terracotta diyas, a jar of Himalayan pink salt brittle, and a custom deck of sticky notes with the brand logo on it.

The hamper for the occasion was assembled in a custom rich green box that had the brand logo on the lid. The custom post-it notes made the hamper truly unique for the season. The choice of “something sweet” was a selection of Himalayan Pink salt brittle that kept the hamper bustling with interesting flavors. The Parker pen was an addition to the hamper that was utilitarian and premium, paired with the custom notes that made the hamper complete. 

From the client: “We are excited to be celebrating this Diwali with our team members and wanted to make it memorable with a Diwali gift hamper. We wanted to keep it simple, festive and functional. We also wanted to add a bit of sweetness to the hamper to celebrate the occasion. The final hamper was just the perfect combination of all the things we wanted and turned out just right.”

Conclusion: The Elite EPM employee gift for Diwali was a fun hamper to curate because of the products in the hamper – they wanted to keep the festive vibes in mind while still being edgy and utilitarian. The choice of having a tech organizer is smart and savvy as it is a product that finds itself popular due to how much technology the current generation uses on a daily basis.

Elite EPM's Happy Diwali
Diwali Hamper for Elite EPM
Elite EPM Diwali Hamper
Diwali Hamper
Luxury Gift for Diwali
Diwali Gift Hamper
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