Diwali At Home With Homelane

Client: HomeLane is India's premier end-to-end home interiors platform which delivers your chosen home interiors within 45 days.

Objective: To curate a hamper for Homelane’s clients for Diwali 2022. The hamper must 

  • Have one branded product for brand recall
  • Be curated in a festive Diwali box with branding
  • Have a mix of products – edibles and keepsakes

Approach: The team from Homelane was looking for wholesome client gifting ideas that were not too traditional or generic. The team wanted a mix of products that was made for both home use and personal use. They wanted to move away from the typical Diwali gifts like diyas, candles, and lights along with traditional sweets and snacks.

The final hamper was curated in BoxUp Luxury Gifting’s limited edition Diwali box that had a flowy, subtle floral pattern on the top. The box was further customized with Homelane’s logo engraved on an acrylic plaque, this added to the overall appeal of the hamper. In the hamper was a custom coffee mug with the Homelane logo as per requirement, a box of premium chocolate treats from Smoor, a handcrafted, all-natural wax sachet, a hand-poured soy wax candle, and lastly, a jar of premium instant coffee powder.

The Diwali hamper came together for Homelane just as they had specified – including the details for the customizations. They also included a custom card in the hamper based on their brand aesthetics and that fit perfectly well into the BoxUp Luxury Gifting’s limited edition Diwali box.

From The Client: “We were looking for ideas for Diwali gifts that were not traditional or generic. We wanted the Diwali elements to reflect in the details like packaging and keep the products in the hamper for more generic and everyday use. We wanted to avoid diyas and lamps as they are too basic. A festive hamper box is something that we were keen on and BoxUp Luxury Gifting was able to deliver exactly to our requirements.”

Conclusion: Curating a non-traditional hamper for Homelane was an interesting challenge as they wanted to steer clear of the typical Diwali hamper contents. It gave us an opportunity to explore ideas for Diwali gifts that were out of the box and more contemporary. By keeping the design elements like the hamper box and custom card more traditional, we achieved the right balance for this Diwali hamper.

Diwali Hamper for Homelane
Homelane Diwali Hamper
Luxury Gift Hamper
Gift Hamper for Homelane
Diwali Gift for Homelane
Customized Diwali Hamper
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