Delightful Diwali with the Squint Metrics Family

Client: Squint Metrics provides their customer with high-quality service and strategic solutions for business needs and products with a focus on user experience and retention.

Objective: To curate a hamper for the clients of Squint metrics for this Diwali that will

- Have a customized coffee mug with the brand logo

- Have a mix of edibles and keepsakes, but not a generic Diwali item.

Approach: The team from Squint Metrics was looking for corporate gifts for clients for Diwali that were symbolic of Diwali spirits but weren’t too traditional. The decision was made between contemporary diya options and candles, and the team decided to go ahead with a candle to keep the festive spirit but also keep it modern.

In the gift hamper, along with the candle, was a bottle of coffee powder, a coffee mug with a lid that was customized with a brand logo, scented wax sachets, and a box of chocolate from Smoor. A festive Diwali card with a note from the team completed the hamper.

From The Client: “We wanted a Diwali hamper for us that was a fun mix of edibles and keepsakes to celebrate the occasion. We wanted a coffee mug with our brand logo for brand recall and something sweet to celebrate the occasion. The candle was a nice addition instead of a traditional diya. Overall, we loved how the hamper turned out.

Squint Metrics Diwali Hampers
Diwali Hampers
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Gift Box for Diwali
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