Deepti's Wedding Favors

Client: Deepti

Objective: To curate hampers as return gifts for Deepti’s wedding. The hampers must be 

  • Curate two distinct hampers for male and female friends
  • Be a mix of edibles and keepsakes

Approach: The final set of hampers had two unique energies – one was feminine and the other was masculine. The hampers for her female friends included a set of satin hair scrunchies, a premium hand towel, a body wash, a hand-poured, all-natural scented soy wax candle, and a box of assorted chocolates. The second hamper for her male friends has a more edgy look and feel. This hamper contained a sleek, black faux leather tech organizer, a water bottle that has a compartment for a microfiber, and a pull-out mobile stand. The hamper also had a jar each of premium instant coffee power and premium Moutain Rose tea leaves.

Each hamper was thoughtfully curated with the needs of the people receiving the hamper – there was extra thought and effort put into each hamper as they wanted the receivers to enjoy each product in the hamper fully.

From The Client: “We were looking for two sets of hampers as we want all our friends to enjoy the whole hamper thoroughly. Each set of hampers must be curated in a way that is reflective of feminine and masculine aesthetics. The hamper needed to be a mix of edibles and keepsakes and will be requiring them in different colored boxes. The team delivered the hampers on time and to our needs.”

Conclusion: Curating different hampers for the same event gave us the opportunity to focus on the receivers rather than trying to limit the utility of the hampers. Working on two sets of requirements made the curating process smooth and effortless and we were able to deliver according to the client's needs.

Deepti's Wedding Favors
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