Celebrating a decade of education with National Public School

Client: National Public School

Objective: To curate a hamper for the dignitaries and guests of honor at the ten-year anniversary celebration of a prestigious school. The hamper must contain;

  • Edibles – dry fruits, chocolates, or healthy snacks
  • A water bottle or coffee mug
  • Calendar and notepad with pen
  • Must contain items that can be customized with the school logo and a celebration logo

Approach: The team set out to make a unique and custom corporate gift and the client had conveyed to us that the hampers would be received by dignitaries and high-profile guests of honor at the ten-year anniversary of a school function, hence making a strong point about not having any leeway in quality and presentation of the hamper. And that it must be a luxury corporate gift.

As the gift hamper was going from a school for an occasion as a return gift, the client also made a request for some of the items to be customized with the school logo. They also had the requirement for a calendar as the vent was close to the beginning of a fresh year. Team BoxUp Luxury Gifting was up to the task and custom-made the calendar as per their requirements.

The clients were keen on being involved in the curation of the hamper and were happy to be part of the decision-making for all the details. After a few options were discussed, the final hamper contained four bags of dry fruits, a box of assorted chocolates, a water bottle with the school logo, a faux leather notepad with the school logo, a metal pen, and a custom calendar with the school logo and anniversary icon.

The school intended to leave an immaculate impression on their guests – with a mix of dry fruits, chocolates, and keepsakes it served the purpose to the point. The not-so-over-the-top calendar with its subtle school logo and details will stay with the receiver for a long time, while the dry fruits are a healthy snack option. The branding on the water bottle and journal book was also classy and subtle, going well with the overall hamper and clients' requirements.

From the client: “We wanted a hamper that was a mix of both edibles and keepsakes. The most important thing we required was the aesthetic presentation and top-notch quality as we were handing this over to some dignitaries and high-profile guests at our school function. The team at BoxUp Luxury Gifting made the custom calendar just as we needed it and made custom items also possible. We are happy with the way the hamper came together.“

Conclusion: The making of this hamper was a truly new experience as the hamper was made for the celebration of a school anniversary. With a mix of traditional snacks like dry fruits and a modern desk calendar, the hamper hit the right thoughts for a memorable hamper for a school. Not too formal or not too informal, the hamper is sure to have left a lasting impression on the receivers.

Customized Gift for National Public School
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Luxury Gift Hamper
National Public School Celebration Hamper
Unique Gift Hamper
Unique Gift Hamper
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