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What Gift To Give A Best Friend On Her Birthday?

It's your beloved best friend's birthday, and you are confused about what to give your best friend for her birthday. Well, you are not alone. We all have faced this dilemma at least once in our lives, and if it's someone like a childhood friend, then this dilemma even intensifies.

Finding the perfect gift that captures the essence of your long-lasting friendship and conveys your deep appreciation can be challenging. You want something thoughtful, unique, and personal. Something that will make her feel truly special and cherished on her big day.  

We have curated a list of some timeless birthday gift ideas for best friends. Scroll down as we have something special for your best friend's next birthday. 

List of Gift Ideas for Female Best Friend

  1. Custom Handmade Jewellery
  2. Perfume Set
  3. Freya's Blessing Gift Box
  4. Speakers
  5. Structured Tote Bag
  6. Celebrating Happiness Gift Box
  7. Wrist Watch
  8. Everyday Selfcare Gift Box

1. Custom Handmade Jewellery

Custom Handmade Jewellery

Custom handmade jewellery is far superior in quality compared to mass-produced machine-made jewellery. This makes it an ideal birthday gift for friends. With custom handmade jewellery, you've put effort into selecting something unique that reflects her personality.

Furthermore, artisanal jewellery is usually of better quality and contains fine details, thus making it long-lasting and unique. When selecting custom handmade jewellery, you can go for terracotta or glass jewellery. These come in unique designs and colours that can be customised to your liking.

2. Perfume Set

Perfume Set

Gifting your best friend a perfume set is a fantastic birthday gift idea for a best friend because it is thoughtful, very personal, and shows that you know about her preferences. Now, you may wonder what kind of fragrances to choose.

Well, you can choose from a variety of scents to suit different moods and occasions. For example, you can select a fresh floral scent for everyday use, a warm vanilla or amber scent for evenings, and a sophisticated musk for special events. This variety will make sure that she has a fragrance for every moment.

The best part about gifting a perfume set to your best friend on her birthday is that each time she uses a scent from the set, she'll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

3. Freya's Blessing Gift Box

Freya's Blessing Gift Box

Freya's Blessing Gift Box from BoxUp Luxury Gifting is a beautiful gift hamper in a signature pinewood basket, 'Freya'. This luxurious gift hamper includes a glass bottle with a jute cover, one photo frame, a cork-covered journal, a bamboo-finish pen, a jar of crunchy seed mix, and a custom 6'X4" notecard.

This gift hamper from BoxUp Luxury Gifting makes a perfect birthday gift for your best friend. It has everything she needs to set up her desk at the office or home. 

4. Speakers


Giving your best friend a wireless speaker for her birthday is an interesting gift idea that has gained a lot of popularity recently. This gift allows your friend to enjoy her favourite songs. 

Additionally, you and your friend can also bond while listening to music that defines your friendship or reminds you two of something you hold dear. A best friend's birthday gift like this may not be a large object, but it is a beautiful decor piece for a living room that your friend can put on display. 

5. Structured Tote Bag

Structured Tote Bag

Tote bags are once again in trend, and for all the right reasons. A structured tote bag is the perfect gift to give your best friend on her birthday. Unlike canvas or cotton tote bags, structured tote bags are mostly made of leather or faux leather. These are ideal for office-going women as they look far more professional. 

When selecting a tote bag as a birthday gift for your friend, keep in mind the material and colour of the bag. You can always choose basic neutral colours like beige, white, or black.

Furthermore, make sure the bag is neither too small nor too big. A medium/large size bag is ideal for carrying daily essentials to the office, including a laptop.

6. Celebrating Happiness Gift Box

Celebrating Happiness Gift Box

As the name suggests, Celebrating Happiness Gift Box gift hamper from BoxUp Luxury Gifting is all about celebrating your best friend on her special day. The lavish gift hamper comes with a 10X10X3 inches pinewood basket and a custom notecard that is wax-sealed.

Inside the birthday gift hamper, you will find an exquisite red wine bottle, a box of 12 Smoor Truly Gifted Chocolates, a beautiful succulent plant with a ceramic planter, a scented bell candle, and a jar of premium instant coffee. This carefully curated birthday gift hamper will make your friend feel cherished and pampered on her special day. 

7. Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch as a birthday gift for friends is a timeless gift idea. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while shopping for a wristwatch for a female friend. First of all, go for colours like gold or rose gold, as they go with mostly everything women wear. Alternatively, you can also opt for a silver or black watch.

Dainty pieces with slightly smaller dials look perfect for ethnic outfits, whereas larger dials with square or round dials look better on casual outfits. When shopping for birthday gifts for your best friend, keep all these things in mind, as well as any other style or colour she prefers. 

8. Everyday Selfcare Gift Box

Everyday Selfcare Gift Box

Your best friend deserves a relaxing self-care Sunday after a long and tiring week of work or college. BoxUp Luxury Gifting's Everyday Selfcare Gift Box has everything your best friend will ever need for a relaxing weekend. This birthday gift hamper, like other hampers, comes with a top and bottom luxury box and a custom notecard.

The hamper contains strawberry-flavoured BodyShop body wash, a premium satin scrunchy, soothing blooming flower tea, one handmade macrame wall hanging, and a hand towel. It also comes with delicious Smoor crispy choco-coated hazelnut treats for munching. 

The Wrap Up

Your best friend deserves to be celebrated for all the love and support they give you in life. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect gift for your best friend's birthday. If you want to explore more birthday gifts for friends, you can look into BoxUp Luxury Gifting's extensive collections of ready-to-ship gift hampers.

Not only that, you can even customise your own hampers and even shop gifts for corporate events for both employees and clients, all under one platform. Explore BoxUp Luxury Gifting's collection and choose the perfect gift for any occasion. 

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