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Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Under 1000

A couple's journey of a lifetime begins with their marriage, which is a happy occasion of joy, love, and making treasured memories.

Present-giving is a fundamental feature of any wedding to symbolize a token of love. It's customary to give a newlywed couple a thoughtful marriage gift as a way of wishing them well and sending your best wishes.

However, finding the ideal present can be difficult, particularly if you have a tight budget to work with.

We have got you covered! Here is a handpicked list of the top 10 exceptional wedding gifts for couples available at cost-effective prices. These reasonably priced yet well-considered gifts are sure to make the couple happy and create lasting memories. Let's dive in!

Here are ten thoughtful wedding gift ideas for a couple under 1000:

  1. A Personalized Photo Frame
  2. Aromatic Candles
  3. Lush Green Plants
  4. A Handful Surprise Gift Box
  5. Curate a Date Night Jar
  6. Personalized Cookbook
  7. Box of Gold
  8. Functional Home Decor
  9. Chic Couple Accessories
  10. Making a Donation

1. A Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized Photo Frame Gift

A personalized picture frame that commemorates the couple's love story or captures a priceless moment can make a thoughtful wedding surprise gift.

Select a frame that goes well with their interior design, then include an affectionate photo of the couple—possibly from their engagement or another special event. Their names or wedding dates can be added to the frame to add a unique touch that they will love.

2. Aromatic Candles

Aromatic Candles Gifts

Fill the house of a newlywed couple with the enticing aroma of scented candles. Their room will come alive with the soft glow and alluring scents that will ignite a spark of romance.

These candles are more than simply aesthetic pieces; they are captivating companions that help people take on the enchantment of love in the most private of contexts and turn everyday events into unique memories.

3. Lush Green Plants

Lush Green Plants Gifts

At this point in the planet's history, we must take all reasonable steps to lessen our ecological impact. Therefore, this wedding season, if you're feeling stuck with ideas for wedding gifts, consider turning to plants!

 Plants are a perfect metaphor for a couple's journey into marriage because they signify development, well-being, and the blossoming of a fresh start together.

 Offering a plant as a wedding day present could be interpreted as a wish for the couple's relationship to develop and flourish alongside the plant.

4. A Handful Surprise Gift Box

Handful Surprise Gift Box Gifts

This personalized box of goodies features a carefully chosen combination of everything for a perfect time spent together. It is one of the coming-of-age and latest marriage gifts for couples who love the idea of decadence.

The handful surprise hamper consists of two hand-poured, natural soy candles in glass jars to enliven a romantic ambience. Additionally, they can rejoice in assorted chocolates and crunchy nuts while spending a delightful evening together.

A custom note card with your personalized message will add a tinge of love to this highly functional and impressive ensemble.

5. Curate a Date Night Jar

Curate a Date Night Jar Gifts

A date night jar is a genuine and creative present that can yield countless experiences and memories for the couple. Put several popsicle sticks—each with a unique date night idea—into a jar.

These can be as basic and affordable as a movie night at home, a barbecue in the park, or a game night, or they can be as elaborate as dinner at an upscale eatery or concert tickets. To keep up the romance, inspire the couple to choose a stick once a week.

6. Personalized Cookbook

Personalized Cookbook Gifts

A personalized cookbook can make a thoughtful and useful gift for a couple who enjoys cooking or wants to try new recipes together. Put together a compilation of their favoured recipes, cherished family customs, or even unique ones from across the globe.

Put their names or a heartfelt message on the cookbook cover to make it one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts they would receive. This present will not only support them in their culinary pursuits but also help them make priceless kitchen experiences.

7. Box of Gold

Box of Gold Gifts

This exclusive Box of Gold also makes up for one of the most endearing wedding gifts for couples. It contains two red terracotta diyas symbolic of warmth, love and positivity to start a new married life.

Jute bags of cashews, almonds and spicy makhanas are included in this hamper to make it an exotic treat to the taste buds.

8. Functional Home Decor

Functional Home Decor Gifts

Give eclectic home decor items that are tailored to the couple's preferences. You can opt for impressive off-the-rack items like doormats, pillows, or wall art. These presents serve as a keepsake of their special day and give their new house an aesthetic flair.

9. Chic Couple Accessories

Chic Couple Accessories Gifts

Practical essentials that encompass minimalism yet thoughtfulness are perfect marriage gifts available at budget-friendly prices.

To ensure the gift is valuable, all you need to do is pick up super-functional everyday accessories. These can be chic phone cases for the couple, quirky keychains, couple tees, badges, luggage tags, matching couple bracelets and coffee mugs.

10. Making a Donation

Making a Donation

Make the newly wedded couple feel special by donating in their name. This is an impressive and thoughtful gift idea that does not conform to any budget limits. Even donating Rs. 1000 is sure to make an impact by bringing about a positive change in someone's life.

However, the selection of the appropriate charity is the most crucial step in donating. You must ensure that the charity aligns with the couple's values and interests.

Get Creative to Pick Special Marriage Gifts for Couple Under 1000

Using these considerate and reasonably priced suggestions to find the ideal marriage gifts for friends on a budget of Rs. 1000 can be a rewarding experience. These gifts, which range from date night jars to aesthetic photo frames, demonstrate that you have given careful consideration to choosing something special for the newlyweds.

Keep in mind that the real significance of a gift is the love and thought that went into it. With these options, you can rejoice in the couple's special day without breaking the bank. So go ahead and select a present that will cheer the happy couple up, make memories, and last a lifetime.

For more inspiration on exclusive wedding anniversary gifts for couples, head out to BoxUp Luxury Gifting. From seamless doorstep delivery to customisable gift hampers, cherish a unique gifting experience.


1. Are gift cards a good wedding gift?

Yes, it should come as no surprise that gift cards are the most popular choice these days because of their versatility and ease of use as ideal wedding presents.

2. What are budget-friendly traditional gifts for a marriage?

Some of the budget-friendly marriage gifts for couples that are popular are boxes of delectable sweets, candles, photo frames, donating in the couple's name, and more.

3. What are the 5 gift rules for couples?

The first four gifts in the five-gift rule are fairly simple: giving them something to wear, something they require, something that they desire, and something to read. And now for the really fun part—the last gift should be something unique that they didn't know they wanted.

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