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Top 10 Navratri Return Gift Ideas

Navratri is one of the most pious times of the year, which is all about colourful celebrations, divine devotion, and the triumph of good over evil. This nine-day festival honours Goddess Durga and becomes a vibrant and joyous occasion filled with dancing, fasting, heartfelt gratitude, and the exchange of return gifts. This is the perfect time to choose the most thoughtful return gift ideas for Navratri, which are perfect for expressing gratitude and spreading joy.

Make this Navratri unforgettable by using this list of the best return gifts for Navarathri. These gifts will add an element of luxury to the celebrations and delight your guests.

The 10 Best Navratri Return Gift Ideas

1.    Divine Idols

2.    Authentic Taste of Home Gift

3.    Puja Thalis

4.    Diyas or Lanterns

5.    Ikat Pillow Covers

6.    Cosy Corner Gift Box

7.    Traditionally Woven Boxes

8.    Meenakari Box

9.    Chai Break Gift Box

10.  Handbags with Brocade Print

1. Divine Idols

Divine Idols

Divine idols are exceptional Navratri return gifts that carry reflective spiritual significance. Whether it's a delicate Lord Ganesha, an elegant Goddess Durga, or Laddu Gopal, these idols are crafted with meticulous care and devotion.

Each piece, made from materials like pristine marble, dignified brass, or earthy terracotta, exudes a sacred aura that enhances any home. By choosing these divine symbols, you offer a beautiful artifact and a source of spiritual inspiration to your loved ones.

2. Authentic Taste of Home Gift

Authentic Taste of Home Gift

The Authentic Taste of Home Gift is a heartfelt gesture, perfect for Navratri return gifts. This gift box beautifully blends the rich heritage of filter coffee with luxurious items. It includes a brass lamp, brass cups, a brass coffee filter, original filter coffee, and a custom note card.

The exquisite presentation and the inclusion of traditional brass items make this gift a cherished surprise for friends and family who love and appreciate fine coffee and cultural heritage. This Navratri return gift hamper symbolises the warmth and joy of the festival.

3. Puja Thalis 

Puja Thalis

Puja thalis, which are intricately designed and thoughtfully curated, stand out as ideal Navratri return gifts. Gift these elaborate trays to your favourite people this Navratri, and include essential items for religious ceremonies, such as fragrant incense, radiant lamps, and a bell.

These gift items embody the essence of devotion and spirituality.

This beautiful puja thali will help your loved ones perform Navratri rituals with ease and reverence. A well-crafted puja thali enhances the sacred atmosphere of a home and deepens spiritual practice.

4. Diyas or Lanterns

Diyas or Lanterns

Spread the light of positivity, spirituality, and warm blessings this Navratri with beautiful diyas or lanterns as the perfect Navratri return gifts.

Such gifts blend creativity and beauty with an aesthetic appeal, which makes them exceptional home décor items. Capture some precious memories of this Navratri and pack them with this return gift as a lasting reminder of this wonderful occasion.

5. Ikat Pillow Covers

Ikat Pillow Covers

Ikat pillow covers, featuring traditional weaving techniques with vibrant patterns, are both functional and decorative, making them wonderful Navratri return gifts. Ikat reflects cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship. These pillow covers help you decorate your home with style while staying close to your roots.

Such authentic gifts bring a touch of elegance to any space with their intricate designs and rich colours. Such return gift ideas for Navratri ensure that your guests receive a unique and practical gift that they will cherish.

6. Cosy Corner Gift Box

Cosy Corner Gift Box

The Cozy Corner Gift Box is one of the most thoughtful Navratri return gifts. It celebrates the women in your life by pampering them. This hamper includes avocado and seaweed sheet masks, a Nykaa hand cream, a printed coffee mug, and a tin of premium tea leaves.

Each item offers comfort and indulgence to your loved ones. This gift box is a perfect way to express gratitude and ensure that your near and dear ones feel cherished.

7. Traditionally Woven Boxes

Traditionally Woven Boxes

Traditionally, woven boxes define utility and artistry. Weaving is an exceptional art form that highlights India's rich craftsmanship. Such beautiful and elegant boxes make an ideal Navratri return gift.

Such gift items are handcrafted with precision and offer an organised way to store valuables, daily need items, or jewellery. Such gifts reflect practicality and cultural elegance and will surely be appreciated by your guests.

8. Meenakari Box

Meenakari Box

Meenakari is a colourful and vibrant art form of enamelling metal with exquisite colours and intricate designs. This art form transforms your jewellery box into an exquisite piece that can be wrapped as a luxurious and culturally rich Navratri return gift.

This box adds a touch of elegance and tradition to any jewellery storage experience. Your guests will admire your superb taste and the fine craftsmanship of such return gifts.

9. Chai Break Gift Box

Chai Break Gift Box

The Chai Break Gift Box is an exceptional Navratri return gift, especially for those who cherish the simple pleasure of teatime. This gift box is perfect for chai lovers who are looking for a break to relax or have a delightful conversation.

This gift hamper comes with an eco-friendly bamboo fibre sipper, refreshing aromatic tea, and chocolate-coated almonds. Let your loved ones unwind and enjoy quality time with loved ones. This perfect gift hamper promises to enhance the Navratri festive spirit and create memorable tea breaks filled with warmth.

10. Handbags with Brocade Print

Handbags with Brocade Print

Handbags with brocade prints are stylish and sophisticated Navratri return gifts. Brocade is world-renowned for its decorative fabric with intricate patterns, which adds a luxurious touch to handbags.

These fashionable accessories in rich brocades reflect cultural heritage and artistic excellence. Gifting these practical and beautiful handbags shows your thoughtfulness and an appreciation for elegance.


As Navratri approaches, it's time to reconnect with loved ones through gatherings and shared gifts. The above-mentioned curated list of the most trending Navratri return gift ideas will bring joy to your friends and family.

This auspicious occasion becomes the perfect time for you to show your love and appreciation. These return gifts for Navarathri will help you express your gratitude and cherish precious moments with your loved ones. Wishing you a Happy Navratri!


1. What are some of the most traditional return gift ideas for Navratri?

Some traditional return gift ideas for Navratri include diyas, lanterns, exquisite art forms like Ikat and Meenakari, woven bags and boxes, or hand-made divine idols.

2. What are some of the most budget-friendly return gift options for Navratri?

Several budget-friendly return gift options are available for Navratri, such as puja thalis, diyas, aromatic incense sticks, religious idols, or Navratri greeting cards.

3. How can I personalise my Navratri return gifts?

The best way to personalise Navratri return gifts is to add a handwritten note or message. If you have limited guests on your list, you can also customise these gifts with their names or initials. You can further wrap such gifts and attach personalised tags to them.

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