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The Green Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting Options

Corporate gifting is more popular than ever, and there's nothing better than making a lasting impact on your team members with thoughtful gifts. Trends in the gifting world are always changing, and one new rising one is eco-friendly gifts for a greener future.

Sustainable gifts for employees not only make excellent gifts but are also pretty impactful, spreading awareness to the employees. But buying eco-friendly gifts can be a little confusing because there are so many gift options out there. 

Here is a compilation of some of the best eco-friendly corporate gifts to help you buy the best sustainable gifts for your team.

Here are the Best Sustainable Gifts for Employees in Your Office

1. Eco-friendly Bamboo Bottle

Eco-friendly Bamboo Bottle

Bamboo bottles are desk essentials that employees need every day in the office. Make these items more memorable by using them as sustainable gifts for employees. These bottles last a long time and are beneficial for health because they are free from toxins. 

Consider these durable bottles, which do not easily get destroyed, so there is less waste and employees remember your gift for a long time. For a memorable gifting experience, consider adding other desk essentials like cork-finish pen stands and wood-finish desk mats.

2. Wellness Bundle Gift Box 

Wellness Bundle Gift Box

Want to help your team relax and unwind after a long office day? The Wellness Bundle Gift Box is one of the best eco-friendly gifts for employees to take of themselves and the environment.

The box contains a natural soy candle for relaxation, a handmade oatmeal-infused bath bar, a natural loofah, and a towel for a premium bathing experience. The products offer a sensory treat that relaxes the mind and gives the body a spa-like experience.

3. Sustainable Copper Water Bottle

Sustainable Copper Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is important when working hard in the office. However, most plastic water bottles are easily destroyed and are not considered healthy in the long run. Gift your team water bottles that are sustainable and add to their health. 

Copper water bottles are great sustainable corporate gifts because they last a long time and prevent infection, keeping the water clean and fresh. Consider getting your employees copper glasses and the bottles for an added touch!

4. Gardening Kit

Gardening Kit

Nothing is better than a hobby that adds value to your surroundings. If that is the motto you want your gift to promote, consider gifting a gardening kit to your employees to help build sustainable hobbies that can help the environment.  

Add different gardening tools to make this one of the best sustainable gift ideas for employees. Consider colourful pots, durable gloves, seeds, and packets of fertilisers that employees can use to grow plants at home.

5. The Eco-Employee Gift Hamper

The Eco-Employee Gift Hamper

Welcoming new employees should be a memorable experience, and you can make it remarkable with eco-friendly welcome gifts. The Eco-Employee Gift Hamper is a great gift option for new employees to start things with an everlasting impression. 

The box contains office essentials like a cork-finish journal and coasters. It also has a wood-finish pen for employees to take important notes in the office and a glass coffee sipper to energise them throughout the day.

6. Jute Bag

Jute Bag

We all love a bag that goes with every outfit and is easy to carry everywhere. If fashion is your strong point, gift beautiful jute bags to your employees that they can pair with their outfits in the office and outside. 

Consider these versatile, sustainable gifts for employees so that your team can use them for different occasions. Go for colours like beige, black, and white so that they can be used several times. You can personalise them by opting for colours that each employee prefers.

7. Sustainable Phone Accessories

Sustainable Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are slowly becoming necessities to help us keep up with the technological world. But you can make these products more special for your employees by making them eco-friendly. 

These eco-friendly gifts for employees can include products like wood phone stands, sustainable phone cases, and bamboo phone speakers. These unique gifts will be used and loved for a long time.

8. The Mara Magic Gift Hamper

The Mara Magic Gift Hamper

If you want to make your employee's birthday or anniversary even more special, consider an eco-friendly hamper for a memorable gift option. The Mara Magic Gift Hamper is a great hamper filled with fun goodies to motivate employees to take steps towards creating a more mindful lifestyle. 

This hamper is one of the most diverse corporate gifting options because it contains something for everyone. The hamper has a bamboo sipper for hydration, an all-natural candle, and a jute bag with cashews. It is perfect for showing appreciation to that worker who is always working hard and deserves a token of appreciation.

9. Handmade Journal

Handmade Journal

Handmade items are great for the environment, especially if they are made from recycled materials. Consider journals and notebooks made of recycled paper or handmade journals with sustainable materials like cardboard or bamboo finish covers. 

These are great sustainable gift ideas for employees who need to take down notes each day and cannot afford to lose out on any detail. Consider pens made of sustainable items and add handwritten notes acknowledging their eye for detail. 

10. Plantable Journals

Plantable Journals

A plantable journal is a unique idea if you want to create awareness among your employees to add more greens to the environment. This item is made of sustainable materials embedded with seeds that your employees can plant. 

Consider additional gifts such as plantable pens and pencils to add to the journal. These unique corporate gifting options remain with employees long after typical stationery items are gone.

Create an Impact with Sustainable Corporate Gifts in Your Workspace

Sustainable gift ideas are usually of high quality and last for a long time because of their high durability. Getting such gifts for your employees can motivate them to work harder and also create eco-awareness in them. This unique gesture remains in the minds of your employees, and they have a positive image of the brand. 

BoxUp Luxury Gifting is a premium brand that can help you choose the best eco-friendly gifts for employees. The brand offers unique gift hampers that come in sustainable boxes that don't hamper the environment and last a long time!


1. Why are eco-friendly gifts important for an office?

Eco-friendly corporate gifts are important to raise awareness about including more greens in the office and thinking more about the environment when making choices. Sustainable gifts demonstrate your company's commitment to the environment and willingness to take proactive measures to protect it.

2. What are some great sustainable gift ideas for employees?

Get your employees items that will last a long time and keep the environment clean. Consider wooden toothbrushes, coffee sippers, and other essentials. If you want to go the extra mile, get eco-friendly corporate gift hampers for your employees. 

3. How can I gift more sustainably in my workspace?

Try to choose materials like bamboo, wood, and others that do not harm the environment the way plastic and other non-biodegradable materials do. Also, try to refrain from giving your employees single-use items or gifts that won't last for long, like plastic mugs or desk accessories.

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