• 09.20.2022

The Art of Giving Gift

Human language is so diverse, and since time has known man, we have always tried to find the perfect way to express ourselves in any language known. The beauty of it is that expressing ourselves has never been only about words or saying things, but also the art of gift-giving. 
Gift Giving is one of the oldest traditions of our culture. We believe in giving a gift as the highest form of affection on an auspicious day to not just celebrate the festival but to make others feel part of the family as well. With every generation comes a new form of gift-giving, but the essence of it remains the same.
The modern language of gifting culture has moved from letters to adding a personal and unique touch. It isn’t just about giving Shagun (money) but is about making sure your guest takes home a piece of your affection. 
It feels like there is too much pressure around this gifting culture, but it isn’t as difficult as you would think it to be. In the end, it is simplified to human emotions and budgeting. 
There are different ways to give a gift, but the ones that are truly worth it are the ones with the sentiment. We run around with the same question of what to give someone for an occasion. building pressure that won’t have a solution and ending up buying something generic, but here are a few ways to avoid that pressure and focus on the happiness you can get while enjoying the art of gift giving. 
Now, before one being with the perfect gift hunt. You must know if it's a temporary or a lasting gift that is appropriate for the occasion. This will help in budgeting and narrowing down options. 
Temporary gifts are the ones that have a short usage; flowers, candles, sweets, chocolates, etc. This is the perfect category for surprises, and heartfelt gifting and is usually paired with a Lasting gift to double the excitement of receiving a gift. 

Lasting gifts are perfumes, clothes, decorative pieces, jewellery, etc. Those gifts are chosen by factoring in sentiments and emotional value towards the other person. When gifting, it's considered alright to spend a little extra and invest in a lasting gift but it is important to stay within budget, as at the end of the day, giving a gift that is within budget and heartfelt for the value it will hold forever. 
Budgeting in these cases gets much easier as you already know what to buy with the amount and what to get in that budget. Here is where Modern gifting requires us to add the ‘unique personal’ touch which will help in enhancing the whole experience of receiving it. 
We tend to get confused with having to give something expensive over a practical gift that could be on themes of self-care, coffee love or just making a personalised gift that would put a smile on the face. 
The art of Gift Giving is all about the details of personal care. It could be a special card soothing candle, rejuvenating Mountain Rose tea kit, a box of delicious chocolates, or customized mugs. At the end of the day, it is about giving a gift that will convey the message of affection and good wishes. 
Celebrating life is worth everything when you have the right people beside you. Appreciating your loved ones and making an effort for them will ensure a lifelong value more than any gift could give. 

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