• 02.28.2023

International Women's Day Gift Ideas 2023

International Women's Day is the one day in the year to properly celebrate the achievements of women, promote gender equality, and recognize the work that still needs to be done to attain a more equitable world.

One way to show appreciation and support for the women in your life is by giving them a thoughtful gift. If you are looking for women’s day gift ideas then you should consider giving a unique gift to show your appreciation towards your special woman.

Here are the Top 10 Women’s Day gift ideas to consider in 2023:

1. Personalized Art Supplies

Art can be a great way to express creativity and explore new ideas. When it comes to women’s luxury gifts, consider gifting a unique set of personalized art supplies.

Consider gifting a set of personalized art supplies, such as a sketchbook, pencils, or paints. You could also include a set of inspiring art prompts or exercises to get her started.

2. Handcrafted Soap or Skincare Products

Handcrafted Soap

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If you're looking to buy luxurious gifts for Women’s Day, handcrafted soap and skincare products are a great option. Look for products that are made with natural, organic ingredients and that are free from harsh chemicals.

You could also look for skincare products created by women-owned businesses or supporting women's causes. This can be the best gift for International Women’s Day which shows your appreciation for the women in your life.

3. Subscription Box

A subscription box is one of the best International Women's Day gifts that your spouse or sibling might love. Choose a box that aligns with her interests, such as a book club subscription or a box filled with self-care items. 

Every time she receives the box, she'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

4. Ethical Coffee or Chocolate

Chocolate and coffee are indulgent treats that many women love. When choosing a women's day gift, consider gifting a package of ethical chocolate or fair-trade coffee that supports women farmers and producers.

Look for products that are made with high-quality ingredients and that are produced in an environmentally-friendly way to make her feel special this women's day.

5. Handmade Gift

A handmade gift shows that you put time and effort into creating something special just for her. Therefore, it can be a fantastic and unique women's day gift hamper for your wife.

Think about making her a scrapbook filled with memories you've shared, knitting her a cozy scarf, or painting her a picture.

Listed below are other ideas you can consider:

  • Homemade Candle: Create a scented candle in your wife's favorite fragrance. You can use different essential oils and colors to make it more attractive.
  • DIY Flower Arrangement: Make a beautiful flower arrangement for your wife using her favorite flowers. You can use different vases or baskets to create a unique look.
  • Handcrafted Tote Bag: Fashion a unique tote bag using different materials like fabric, leather, or canvas. You can add different decorations like buttons, patches, or appliques to make it more personalized.
  • Handmade Recipe Book: Make a personalized recipe book with your wife's beloved recipes. You can use different craft materials to decorate the book and make it more special.

6. Sustainable Clothing or Accessories

Sustainable Clothing

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Sustainability is an essential issue for many women. You can gift clothing or accessories that are made from sustainable materials or that support eco-friendly practices.

Look for stylish, comfortable items made with the environment in mind.

7. Customized Journal

A journal can be a great tool for reflection, goal-setting, and self-expression. This women's day, you can give a customized journal that features a meaningful quote or message on the cover.

You could also include a set of inspiring writing prompts or quotes to get her started. This customized journal will not only be ideal for international Women’s Day gifts but also serve as a constant reminder of your heartfelt gift on this special day.

8. Donation to a Women's Charity

Instead of buying traditional gifts for women on Women’s Day, consider making a donation to a charity or organization that supports women's causes.

There are many charities to choose from, including those focusing on education, health, and social justice issues.

9. Customized Phone Case

Customized Phone Case

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A customized phone case is a thoughtful women's day gift idea that allows you to show someone you care. Consider including a favourite quote or image on the case, or personalize it with the recipient's name or initials for an extra personal touch. When choosing a phone case, look for options made from sustainable materials or that support women-owned businesses. By selecting such a meaningful and consciously made gift, you not only provide them with a stylish accessory but also contribute to sustainable practices and women's empowerment.

10. Virtual Class or Workshop

Virtual classes and workshops are a great way to learn something new from the comfort of your own home. Isn't it? It would be a great women's day gift for your mom or even your wife.

Find a class or workshop that aligns with her interests, such as a yoga class or a cooking workshop. Not only will she learn something new, but she'll also appreciate the thought you put into finding the perfect gift.


Happy Women’s Day

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As we approach International Women's Day 2023, it's time to start thinking about how to show the women in our lives just how much we admire and treasure them.

A heartfelt present can be a great way to demonstrate that appreciation, and there are countless women's day gift ideas to choose from.

Whether you're shopping for your mother, sister, partner, friend, or colleague, these 10 international women's day gift ideas can make your job a whole lot easier. 

Whether you choose to give empowering artwork, sustainable clothing, or personalized art supplies, the most important thing is to celebrate the women in your life and support their passions and interests.

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