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How to Celebrate Women's Day in Company

International Women's Day is on 8th March, and you are looking for Women's Day gifts or ideas to celebrate in your company.

Well, Women's Day is a crucial part of history; it's a day of celebrating and advocating the rights as well as the equality of women in the world. While society has shifted to a more inclusive and equal side, the journey is still a long way to go.

So, to make sure you do your part, here is a list of ideas for celebrating Women's Day in 2024.

Ideas to Celebrate Women's Day in Company

  1. Show Your Love Through Gifts 
  2. Shoutout To Women Employees
  3. Donate to Cause Based Charity
  4. Virtual Coffee Meeting Or A Date
  5. Involve Men & Other People
  6. Show Support To Women-Owned Business
  7. Host Women-Centric Film Screening
  8. Dress Up In Purple

1. Show Your Love through Gifts

Show Your Love through Gifts

Know someone in your life who is doing incredible work? You can celebrate this day by gifting something to your mother, sister, friend, or daughter. Also, encourage your employees to do the same! You can ask them to look for gifts for women to celebrate the day and show their love.

You can show your love through text or a simple thank you note. But to make it more special, consider looking for suitable gifts for women. BoxUp Luxury Gifting offers several options for Women's Day, such as Everyday Self Care Gift Box and Pampering Remedy, for you to consider. Gift these hampers and show how much you care for all those women in your life.

2. Shootout to Women Employees

Shootout to women's day gifts for employees

Have female employees in your team or office? It's an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation and acknowledge their contribution.

This Woman’s Day, give a shoutout to all those females who contribute with their skills, passion and expertise in the workplace. You or your company can give public recognition through a meeting, social media post or your company newsletter. It would be thoughtful to be very specific with what and how they are making a difference and impacting the company.

3. Donate to Cause-Based Charity

Donate to Cause-Based Charity

Looking for a meaningful idea for how we should celebrate Women's Day? Donate to an organization or charity that supports women. It can be a global or local charity.

Make sure you do your research and get a list of organizations doing important work for the cause. Donating to such charity will ensure you give back to society and make an actual difference!

4. Virtual Coffee Meeting or a Date

Virtual Coffee Meeting or a Date

Sometimes, conversing with your female colleagues can give a lot of perspective and understanding of things. This March, in honour of Women's Day, why not commemorate the occasion by arranging virtual coffee meetings or dates with your female peers?

Find the women in your network and set a 15 to 30-minute virtual meeting to discuss their experiences, perspectives, and challenges in the workplace. By actively listening and engaging in dialogue, you not only celebrate Women's Day but also contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all.

5. Involve Men & Other People

Involve Men & Other People

Oftentimes, Workplaces target women to celebrate International Women's Day at work. But it's crucial to involve all genders to raise their awareness and voices and share their opinions.

So make sure you involve and encourage male colleagues to participate in the planning and decision-making for hosting International Women’s Day.

Besides this, the company can organize seminars, meetings, or activities to spread gender awareness. It is also a great opportunity to have an open and honest conversation about gender equality in the workplace.

6. Show Support to Women-Owned Businesses

Show Support to Women-Owned Businesses

To celebrate International Women's Day at work, you can support the women leaders and entrepreneurs running their businesses in the industry. You can promote the local or small businesses around your locality or find them online. Use your social media to share their stories, supporting and encouraging their work.

Besides the shoutout, you can create a small group on social media featuring challenges and hardships shared by the women in the business. It's not just a great idea to celebrate Women's Day but also inspire other people who are planning to start something on their own.

7. Host Women-Centric Film Screening

Host Women-Centric Film Screening

Another idea to celebrate Women's Day is a workplace film screening. Positive representation of women in movies can make a huge impact, helping audiences to learn more about issues, gender norms, and women's perspectives.

Hosting a film screening can be both educational and entertaining, making it a fun idea for celebrating this special day. Gather your team or friends and curate a selection of empowering films from both Bollywood and Hollywood. Consider titles like Bollywood's "Queen" or "Dangal," and Hollywood's "Hidden Figures" or "Wonder Woman."

You can engage your female employees by inviting them to suggest films or documentaries that resonate with them and reflect their experiences.

8. Dress Up In Purple

Dress Up In Purple

Women's Day has three colours, i.e., Purple, Green, and White.

Purple symbolizes justice, dignity, and loyalty toward the cause. Whereas Green represents hope and White is for purity.

You can host a theme party, asking your colleagues to wear something in these colors. Or you can encourage people to choose something purple in their attire to show support. Also, it's a great opportunity to click photos and share them on your business's social media page.


Most of the ideas for how to celebrate International Women's Day are short-term. But to ensure your workplace continues to contribute and uplift women, work on the mindset and company's structure. It will ensure there is equal pay, a safe environment, and no gender bias in the workplace. When women in your team feel valued, acknowledged, and encouraged, they will add more value, resulting in growth and better results for the company.

As for looking for gifts for women, BoxUp Luxury Gifting offers a wide range of options with customization and personalisation-like services. The team is dedicated to ensuring you have gift hampers that suit every occasion.

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What are the meaningful ways a company can celebrate International Women's Day?

Companies can do charity, donate hygiene products, or offer leader training programs to empower female employees in the workplace.

Why should we celebrate Women's Day in the workplace?

Celebrating International Women's Day in the workplace is an opportunity to encourage women in leadership and create an inclusive and supportive culture with no gender barriers.

What is the theme of International Women's Day in 2024?

The campaign theme for Women's Day is Inspire Inclusion for valuing women's contribution, making them feel they belong, are empowered, and relevant.

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