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How To Celebrate Holi Festival Safely

This is the season when hues of red, yellow, green, and orange are abound in the streets. The festival of colours, Holi, is drawing very close. It heralds the coming of spring and the victory of right over wrong.

The celebration of the Holi festival presents a charming chance to bring back the custom of gift-giving, which gives the event a touch of thoughtfulness and meaning.

It also acts as a happy reminder of the splendour of diversity, which brings people closer to each other. While the best way to celebrate Holi is with shades of colours, you must ensure you and your family have a safe one.

This blog explores fun and safe ways to celebrate the Holi festival while keeping up the spirit of gift-giving. Let's dive in!

How to Celebrate the Holi Festival Safely?

It's a time to celebrate, have fun, and spread joy by merrily sprinkling water and coloured powder. Enjoy a fun-filled yet safe Holi by following the below tips:

1. Make Use of Organic Holi Colours

Make Use of Organic Holi Colours

Employ natural colours; artificial colours should be avoided as they have the potential to cause skin allergies or irritation. It is preferable to use non-toxic, organic, natural, or herbal colours because they don't include any chemicals. It will be more convenient to wash off and safer for your skin.

2. Take Precautions for Your Skin and Hair

Take Precautions for Your Skin and Hair

To prevent the colour from impacting your skin, apply coconut oil to your hands, face, and any other exposed areas. Additionally, you can lightly oil your hair to ensure the colour goes off easily. Wear a cap or head scarf to protect your hair from chemicals. When others smear colour on your face, as often as you can, close your eyes. 

3. Put on Goggles to Safeguard Your Eyes

Put on Goggles to Safeguard Your Eyes

Using synthetic or organic colours can both irritate and cause difficulty if they end up in your eyes. Synthetic colourants contain chemicals that occasionally even lead to eye inflammation or injury. Goggles are a useful tool for shielding your eyes from intense colour exposure. Select a set of spectacles that fit you perfectly and are comfortable.

4. Minimize Usage of Water

Minimize Usage of Water

Water that has been coloured frequently finds its way into our bodies of water, contaminating them. You can choose to preserve this valuable resource by celebrating Holi without wasting a large amount of water.

Use dry, natural colours to play Holi instead of water balloons and guns. Indulge in a festive mood by gently applying powdered colours to your loved ones. In addition, you can play "Phoolon ki Holi", a lovely and environmentally responsible way to celebrate Holi, with colourful flowers.

5. Clean Up Safely After Playing Colours

Clean Up Safely After Playing Colours

Apply organic cleaners like multani mitti, olive oil, and lemon juice in place of chemical-based ones. These substances can gently remove colour from the skin. If you have applied oil before playing Holi, cleaning becomes smooth and easy.

Use a gentle soap and lukewarm water when taking a shower to gently remove the colours. Steer clear of intensively cleaning your skin, as this could irritate and trigger inflammation.

Most Popular Gifts for Holi Festival 2024

Gifts for Holi Festival

While you sip Thandai and indulge in a day of merry-making, don't forget that one of the most cherished Holi traditions is exchanging gifts with your loved ones.

Whether you are planning to celebrate Holi at home or surprise dear ones at a distance, here are a few thoughtful holi gift ideas that are sure to make the recipient's day!

1. The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect Holi gifts for parents, friends, and family? This luxurious gift hamper of delightful assortments is the perfect pick to align with the vibrant enthusiasm of Holi.

Indulge in an ecstasy of festivities while you surprise the recipient with energising munchies and nutrients. This dry fruits gift basket is sure to treat your taste buds with delicious cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, pista, and a chocolate box for a pleasant surprise.

2. The Vibrant Holi Hamper

Vibrant Holi Hamper

Holi calls for a vibrant splash of exciting colours! Gift your friends and family organic gulaal to celebrate the festive fervour in style while ensuring safety.

This Vibrant Holi hamper includes organic gulaal in two colours, a premium fabric hand towel, caramel and sea salt almonds, peppermint, and a charcoal salt scrub to get the recipient into the festive mood!

3. Chocolate Bouquets

Chocolate Bouquets Gifts

Here is one of the most well-sorted baby gifts for Holi. Kids love an assortment of their favourite chocolates, and what better way to make it look enticing than a chocolate bouquet?

From delicious candy bars to dark chocolate caramels, you can choose from various tastes, styles, and prices. A mix-and-match approach to the decoration of the bouquet lends it an exciting flair for the kids.

Chocolate bouquets are also considered a romantic gesture and account for one of the most adorable Holi gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend!

4. Green Fingers and Notes Gift Hamper

Green Fingers and Notes Gift Hamper

Let the special occasion of the Holi festival be a sweet reminder for the special women in your life to relax and rejuvenate. This impressive gift basket (Green Fingers and Notes Gift Hamper) is one of the most beloved gifts for women and is sure to make them feel valued.

A notebook with a seed paper cover, a pen in bamboo finish, a mini gardening kit, a natural wax sachet, a handmade massage soap bar, and a bamboo straw with a cleaning brush complete this impressive wellness ensemble. Ensuring a fun-filled retreat, this gift hamper is also one of the best sellers when you're looking for gifts for your wife!

5. Gift Cards

BoxUp Gift Cards

Confused about what to present to your near and dear ones this Holi? Surprise them with thoughtful gift cards!

It offers the recipient a fun chance to select their meals or look through various outfits. So, you can make their Holi even more special by giving them a gift card from their preferred restaurant, clothing store, and more!

You can even opt for a gift card for your partner from luxury gifting stores that offer meaningful love gifts.

6. Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets Gifts

Surprise the men in your life with tech gadgets to add fun to their Holi celebration. Whether waterproof speakers for grooving to fun-filled music or drones for capturing memorable aerial shots, tech gadgets are the perfect gifts for husbands.

Celebrate Holi with Love, Laughter and Care!

Keep in mind that Holi is a time for vibrant festivities. Enjoy delicious treats along with enjoyable activities. Plan for a day full of joyous hues, excellent health, and treasured memories!

For more inspiration on opulent gift hampers for Holi, head out to BoxUp Luxury Gifting. Celebrate Holi in style with our personalised gifts and ready-to-ship premium products.


1. How can we celebrate Holi without water?

To reduce the usage of water during Holi, you can make use of flower petals, dry organic gulaal, and biodegradable pichkaaris. You can strive to avoid the use of plastic by replacing the plates and trays with palm leaves. Make it a more traditional and eco-friendly festivity by taking the right precautions.

2. What are some eco-friendly gift ideas for Holi?

Potted plants, natural candies, Gentle in Jute, herbal gulaal, dry fruit baskets, and wellness hampers like Treasure's of Tala are a few eco-friendly Holi gift ideas. Additionally, you can choose handmade serving equipment made from conventional materials like kansa, copper, porcelain, and more.

3. What precautions should be taken before playing Holi?

Applying moisturizer or oil before going outside to play Holi is recommended. This makes it easier to remove the colour and restricts it from adhering to the skin. Additionally, you can wear goggles to protect your eyes.

4. What are some budget-friendly gifts for Holi?

You can opt for traditional sweets, greeting cards, colorful Holi gift hampers, scented candles, decorative planters, and delectable snack boxes like the Nutcracker. Holi gifting is more about a thoughtful gesture to be remembered than expensive goodies.

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