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30+ Best Friends Day Wishes, Quotes & Messages

Having a best friend is like having a soulmate. You can share everything with your BFF without worrying about being judged. From fighting over the last piece of pizza to confiding your deepest secrets, your BFF is the one with whom you create everlasting memories.

Your friendship is the anchor you can count on to see you through the best and the worst days of your life. No wonder best friends are considered to be the most amazing blessings of life!

This best friend's day, spend some time celebrating the adorable bond you share with your BFF. Let your BFFs know how much they mean to you, and make them feel special.

Wondering how to express your emotions in a unique and heartfelt way? Relax, we are here for you!

In this blog, we have compiled 30+ unique best friend day wishes, messages, and quotes to convey your love and warmth for your BFF. But before diving into them, let's know a bit more about this day.

When Is Best Friend Day Celebrated?

National best friend day is celebrated on the 8th of June. It is a special day dedicated to friends and friendship. This day is celebrated to mark the incredible role that best friends play in one's life.

What Customs Are Followed on Best Friend Day?

There are no particular customs to follow on this day. The essence of this day is to let your BFFs know how happy you are to have them in your life. People send greetings and gifts for friends to mark the day and strengthen their bond of friendship.

Earnest Wishes and Messages for Best Friends Day 2024

  1. No matter where life takes us, our friendship will always keep us tied together. Happy friendship day, my bestie!
  2. From nursing wounded knees to nursing wounded hearts, we have done it all together. I am so glad to have you as my best friend!
  3. They say laughter is the best medicine for everything. I am glad I found you, my bestie and laughter therapist.
  4. Nothing makes me happier than being with you. On this National Best Friend Day, let's promise to continue being silly and doing crazy things together.
  5. I may not always say it, but without you, I feel lost. So, remain by my side forever. Happy national best friend's day!
  6. As we grow up, we outgrow many things. But outgrowing your friendship is out of the question. Happy friendship day, dear bestie!
  7. Someday, when we both grow old, we shall sit on a bench and laugh at all the silly things we did together. Till then, let's continue being silly and creating great memories!
  8. The beauty of our friendship is that we may not talk every day, but we are always there for each other, and nothing can change that!
  9. I won't belittle you by saying thanks. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your love and support. Happy bestfriend day!
  10. For me, the definition of a true friend is you. I hope our friendship continues to grow stronger as we grow older and wiser or no better!
  11. For me, every day is best friend's day since I have you in my life. Cheers to our friendship and the wonderful bond we share!

Funny Wishes and Messages for Best Friend Day 2024

  1. Just like every day can't be Sunday, every friend can't be my best friend. One has to match my level of craziness, which only you can do!
  2. Life is never easy without a great friend. Thank your lucky stars you have me in your life! Happy friendship day, my bestie!
  3. Dear bestie, you won't find another partner-in-crime who's as enthusiastic as me. So, never let me go. Happy friendship day!
  4. Buddy, just accept that your life will be bland without me. I promise I won't reveal this secret to anyone. Happy best friend day, my BFF! 
  5. We are best buddies, not because we are outstanding people but because we won't allow each other to do dumb things alone. Happy best friend's day.
  6. I don't know which of us is the bad influence, but who cares? All I know is that you are my perfect partner in crime! Happy friendship day!
  7. Dear bestie, it's never easy to hang around with someone crazy. But for you, I am ready to do that all my life. Happy friendship day!
  8. We shall always remain best friends because who else will tolerate me the way you do? Happy national best friend day!
  9. My friend, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and call me. You will always find me near you to share the lemonade! Happy best friend day.
  10. Who needs a therapist when I have you to listen to my nonsense and then offer suggestions as well? Happy friendship day, my bestie!
  11. Dear buddy, I won't allow anyone to insult you. That right belongs only to me! Happy best friend day!

Unique Quotes for Best Friends Day 2024

  1. Life will have its ups and downs. I am glad we have each other to sail through thick and thin together.
  2. It doesn't matter how many friends we have in life. What matters is whether they are as genuine as you.
  3. You will find many friends to laugh with you, but you will always find me when you need someone to wipe your tears.
  4. Everyone needs good friends in life, but having a best friend like you is indispensable! Stay the way you are!
  5. I may not have a huge bank balance, but I have you as my best friend, and that makes me one of the richest people on earth.
  6. Never change yourself for anyone, dear bestie. I like you just the way you are, with all your pluses and minuses.
  7. I don't know what tomorrow holds for us. However, I do know that you will always find me near you whenever you need me in life.
  8. Buddy, you are like the winter sun, just bright and warm enough to uplift my mood whenever I feel low.
  9. A best friend like you is a treasure. I am lucky I found you, and I have no intention of letting you go!
  10. You are someone who can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Thanks for your presence in my life.
  11. A best friend is someone who knows you in and out and still prefers to remain with you through thick and thin.

Surprise Your Bestie With Heartfelt Greetings And Gifts on Best Friends Day

Sending warm, earnest wishes for best friends day is an effective way to express your love and appreciation. Make the occasion extra special by sending along a thoughtful gift as well. Surprise your bestie with amazing gifts for your friend from BoxUp Luxury Gifting. We have a whole range of curated gift hampers to celebrate the special bond you share with your best friend forever.


Q1. What is the significance of celebrating best friend day?

Best friend day is celebrated to mark and honour best friends and the role they play in an individual's life.

Q2. What to gift my bestie on best friend's day?

When it comes to selecting gifts for your bestie, you need to consider your friend's preferences. Based on that, you can send your friend a customised hamper of goodies.

For instance, if your bestie relishes healthy treats, you can send a customised food hamper containing munchies, dry fruits, and other healthy edibles.

Q3. Can I send a personalised gift to my BFF on best friend's day?  

Absolutely! A personalised gift will convey that you have tailored the gift to match your BFF's preference. It will enhance your gifting experience and create a lasting impression on your bestie.

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