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50 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients In 2024

Every company needs to be well-versed in presenting corporate gifts to clients and employees on special occasions. This activity builds strong relationships, creating an increasingly committed and appreciative workforce and loyal clientele.

Suitable corporate gift ideas that are adequately personalised result in a subtly applied brand message and a lasting impression on recipients.


Here, we look at 50 unique ideas for gifting clients and employees:

1. Wireless Charging Pad

A charging pad with the company's logo that can charge various devices with multiple plug types makes a delightful corporate gift.

2. Electric Coffee Warmer

An electric coffee warmer is a device that will help your employees and clients warm their coffee on the go! All they need to do is connect the USB of the electric coffee warmer to any device, wait for a few seconds, and they're good to go.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones or Bluetooth Earplugs

A pair of noise-canceling headphones or Bluetooth earplugs is a nice gift item that the employees can use for personal use and while working at the office.

4. Desk Plant

A desk plant is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and appealing gift because of the personal nature of the item.

5. Personalized Kindle

With so many websites offering free books of various genres, any bookworm would love a personalised Kindle to hone their reading skills.

6. Fitness Tracker

A customised fitness tracker or smartwatch is one of the unique client gift ideas where you can subtly add your company logo.

7. Company Merchandise

A great way to promote the company's brand in a personalised way is to give a swag box with an assortment of the best company merchandise.

8. Bluetooth Speaker or Soundbar

A Bluetooth speaker or sound bar doubles as an entertaining device and a useful gadget for official calls.

9. Personalised Stationery

Get notebooks, pens, and other office supplies personalised with the recipient's names on the gift items to personalise and promote your brand simultaneously.

10. Board Games and Puzzles

In a world of electronic gadgets and gizmos, presenting board games and puzzles ushers in a uniqueness that would appeal to any employee.

11. Gym Subscriptions

Get your employees fit and healthy by presenting them with gym subscriptions to a local, reputed gym.

12. Wall Clocks or Desk Clocks

A customised wall clock or desk clock, either in classic or modern style with the company's logo, makes the perfect corporate gift.

13. Movie Tickets

During the festival season, when employees break for holidays, a few movie tickets to trending movies make an exciting corporate gift.

14. Gift Vouchers

Food and luxury gift vouchers are universally accepted corporate gifts you can give your employees to supplement their monthly provisions or purchase a few luxuries they don't usually buy.

15. Customized Water Bottles

Water bottles are always well-received and make an eco-friendly corporate gift that can be personalised and appropriately branded.

16. Wellness Hampers

Wellness, a sadly neglected aspect of today's corporate world, can be facilitated by giving an employee a hamper with wellness accessories.

17. Biscuits and Dried Fruits Hampers

A corporate gift hamper filled with exotic biscuits and dried fruits is an all-time favourite, spreading goodwill among employees.

18. Personalised Travel Mug

A well-designed travel mug can make a delightful corporate gift. It is easily brandable and can be used at home and the office.

19. Desk Lamp

A well-designed desk lamp with your company logo is a cool gift to give someone. There is always a time when a lamp helps if there's fine work at hand.

20. Custom Golf Balls

You can get multicoloured, customised golf balls to add your logo and promote your brand. They can be used as paperweights or just a showpiece.

21. Corporate-Branded Apparel

Jackets, tee-shirts, sweatbands, and sunglasses with the company logo make great gifts that can promote your brand as the recipients wear them and go around.

22. Luggage

Good-quality, well-designed luggage is a great corporate gift for a client or employee. Everyone needs luggage at some point or another, right? You have many items to choose from like backpacks, tote bags, and travel bags.

23. Coffee Maker

Gone are the days when coffee makers were luxury items. Nowadays, you can get these appliances over a wide price range and present them as a branded corporate gift.

24. Branded Coffee Mugs or Lunch Boxes

Branded coffee mugs and lunch boxes make great corporate gifts. You can gift them for important days like Christmas or Diwali or to mark an event like the 10th anniversary of the company.

25. Utility Kit

A utility kit that contains a handy bunch of stuff like a brush, screwdriver, small hammer, and dusters. It makes a good universal corporate gift for clearing up desktop messes, opening a tight lid and myriad other tasks.

26. Subscription to a Business Magazine

Gifting a client with a subscription to a business magazine is a sure way of cementing your client-business provider partnership.

27. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Anyone with a portable vacuum cleaner will always be popular in the office. Why wait for the cleaning staff when this nifty appliance can do spot cleaning in an instant?

28. Unique Desk Sculpture

Anyone would love a compact but unique desk sculpture as a corporate gift. It would make a great conversation starter!

29. Aromatherapy Kit  

A branded aromatherapy kit with scented candles, essential oils, and soft towels is one of the most business gift ideas for employees and clients.

30. Artisan Soap

Some artisan soap is better than the branded stuff. Have fun shopping around to identify a reliable supplier for your corporate gift of artisan soap.

31. Desktop Games

Break the cycle of all work and no play with this gift of a desktop game like a cornhole game with silica gel bags or Skee ball, Mini bowling set, or a desktop boxing set with the company logo on it. You could also add an indoor golf set, which is an ideal gift for busy executives to enjoy a bit of distraction during their lunch break.

32. Durable Travel Pouch

This durable travel pouch can store toiletries, medicines, or any other accessories required on a business or personal trip. With the company logo on it, it's a great way to spread brand awareness.

33. Daily Planner

Help disorganized executives get their act together with a daily planner that can fit snugly between a keyboard and monitor.

34. Stylish Caps

Caps are universal, gender-neutral corporate gift ideas. It's a great way to increase brand recognition if you get the company logo printed on it.

35. Personalized Watches

A watch is almost as personal as you can get with a gift. Then, if you personalise it, the gift becomes so much more meaningful to the recipient. You can get your company logo added to the watch to take care of the branding.

36. Stress Balls and Portable Fitness Equipment

With the focus that health and wellness are receiving today, anything to do with that aspect of life makes a great corporate gift. You can add your brand logo to fitness items like stress balls, yoga mats and resistance bands as a finishing touch.

37. Custom Artwork or Prints

Another good idea for a corporate gift is custom artwork or personalised prints. It makes an excellent conversation starter, and the recipient will derive great pleasure as they adorn their workspace with their gift.

38. Customized Jewelry and Accessories

It could seem that jewelry gifts, such as bracelets or brooches, are best appreciated by women alone. Men do, however, wear accessories like tie pins and cufflinks, set with semi-precious stones. Thus, jewelry can be a wonderful business gift, depending on the recipient's gender.

39. Pre-paid Weekend Getaway

To illustrate your commitment to work-life balance, you can present a pre-paid weekend getaway to your employees. It’s a great way to secure loyalty and keep attrition in check while contributing more efficient and satisfied staff.

40. Wooden Spectacle Holder

With most of your workforce wearing spectacles, a spectacle holder makes a handy corporate gift. Today, all sorts of quirky designs in spectacle holders are available.

41. DIY Kits

DIY kits are fun for all age groups, and they make great corporate gifts. Items like a paper crafting kit, candle-making set, or calligraphy kit can bring much joy and excitement to employees who can use it on their own or involve their colleagues or family members in their newfound interest.

42. Lifetime Calendar

Who wouldn’t love to have a calendar on their desk that they can use forever? You can get these calendars online over a wide price range to suit every budget.

43. Personalized Keychains

Keychains will never go out of fashion because they are so useful. Gifting branded keychains is a great branding idea, particularly because the recipients may even give them to others, which advertises your brand.

44. Mini Electric Hand Whisk and Coffee Foamer

Mini electric hand whisks can be useful to an employee both at the office and at home. You can add your logo to satisfy your branding requirements.

45. Personalised Cardholder

A personalised visiting card holder is a useful gift to any employee and a great corporate gift. You will see the recipient using it from the day they receive the gift.

46. Corporate Office Vinyl Stickers

This is a trendy and practical gift that gives the employee a sense of purpose as they use it. A set of quirky and witty stickers can serve as the perfect corporate gift for the employee to create a pleasing ambience to their workspace.

47. French Press

A French press is an excellent corporate gift choice for coffee enthusiasts. Whether presented to a client or an employee, this thoughtful gift promises to be highly appreciated, allowing them to brew freshly ground coffee with ease.

48. Drinks Cooler

Here's another great corporate gift idea that promotes a better work-life balance. An insulated cooler box will enable your employees and clients to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends and thank the company as they sip on cool beverages on an outing.

49. Massage Gun

A massage gun makes a great corporate gift, enabling employees to relax and enjoy some time out at the office or when they return home after a grueling day at work. Or a client will keep your company in mind, every time they use your gift to soothe their aching joints.

50. Hand Towels

No one can ever have enough hand towels. You can get your company logo printed on sets of hand towels and gift them to employees. It is one of the most useful corporate gifts you can give to employees and clients.

Express Appreciation for Employees and Gratitude for Clients

What comprises unique gift ideas? Find gifts that blend functionality with a touch of individuality to solidify partnerships while respecting the boundaries of professionalism. BoxUp Luxury Gifting has a collection of unique corporate gift ideas for clients and company gift ideas for employees. Any of these business gift ideas will create a positive and memorable impact on clients and employees while increasing brand recognition.


Q1: What makes corporate gifting an important activity for a business?

Corporate gifts for employees increase employee retention, boost morale, and sustain company culture. Corporate gifts for clients show appreciation and foster strong business relationships.

Q2: How can a business secure complete appreciation for its corporate gifts?

Whether for clients or employees, gender-neutral corporate gift ideas work best. It is a good idea to blend functionality with a touch of personalisation to corporate gifts.

Q3: What is the primary function of corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts for clients or employees combine thoughtful gestures and functionality to create bonds outside the humdrum of business and operations.

Q4: What are the categories of corporate gifting?

Luxury corporate gift ideas come in a wide range of categories. They can be presented for client appreciation, birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, festivals, new employee welcomes, personal achievements, and business launch events.

Q5: How can a company include sustainability in its corporate gifts?

It is possible to include sustainability through corporate gifts made of natural materials and handcrafted items. Choosing articles made from recycled material also reflects the sustainable element in corporate gifts and imbibes eco-consciousness in the recipients.

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