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Unique Company Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Employees

Finding dedicated employees who put their heart and soul into your organisation can be quite challenging. Corporate anniversaries are the perfect occasion to appreciate the tenure and loyalty of such employees who have remained with you for significant periods. Such loyal employees form the foundation of a successful business.

One of the primary reasons businesses celebrate work anniversaries is to express appreciation toward employees. Company anniversary gift ideas for employees remind employees that leaders care about their well-being. 

Here is a list of 10 trending business anniversary gift ideas that cherish the time that employees invest in becoming an integral part of the work environment.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts for Employees

  1. Personalized Desk Name Plate
  2. Customised Leather Portfolio
  3. Tech Gadgets
  4. The Deadline Chaser Hamper
  5. Company Logo Apparel
  6. Home Office Essentials
  7. Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper
  8. Wellness Products
  9. Customised Art Piece
  10. The Cheer Leader Hamper


1. Personalized Desk Name Plate

Personalized Desk Name Plate Gifts Ideas

Personalised gifts like a desk name plate are unique, tangible gift that add a personal touch and make employees feel valued and appreciated. Such gifts serve as lasting memorabilia and can be proudly used in their workspace.

The nameplate signifies achievement and success and becomes a symbol of pride and motivation for the employees. It can boost an employee's morale and motivation. It also validates their efforts and strengthens the bond between the employee and the organisation.

2. Customised Leather Portfolio

Customised Leather Portfolio Gifts Ideas

One of the trending business anniversary gift ideas for employees is a customised leather portfolio. Besides reflecting the organizations' branding, this gift option is extremely practical and versatile.

It can be used for organizing documents, storing important business information, taking notes during meetings, or just serving as a travel companion. It helps employees prepare for various tasks and looks nice as a gift.

You can pick your style of leather portfolios, from various options, like the foldable ones, the ones that come with partitions, or the sleek zippered ones. Employees are sure to appreciate the gesture and receive such thoughtful gifts.

3. Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets Gifts Ideas

Tech Gadgets are becoming the perfect corporate gifts for clients and employees. These gift items serve a practical purpose and add a touch of professionalism to their appearance. 

Tech gadgets like wireless earphones, portable speakers, smart watches, power banks, smart water bottles, wireless charging pads, and air purifiers, can be used even outside the office environment. Employees can use them for personal or professional use, and such gifts serve as a practical reminder of the employee's years of service to the company. 

Technology empowers employees to focus better on their tasks. Smart gadgets offer uninterrupted, high-quality support to employees and help them enhance their productivity and concentration, leading to improved work performance.

4. The Deadline Chaser Hamper

The Deadline Chaser Gifts Ideas

This bold and beautiful Deadline Chaser Hamper in sleek black is thoughtful and practical as a corporate anniversary gift that promotes a balanced lifestyle. Each item is selected with employee convenience and productivity in mind. 

The hamper is beautifully designed with a bold, dark vibe. It comes with a black journal for employees to jot down important information, a travel-friendly coffee mug with a lid, and a pen.

It also has an exquisite metal phone holder that adds a touch of elegance to the experience. With such corporate gifts, leaders can shower their warmest wishes on the occasion of a work anniversary.

5. Company Logo Apparel

Company Logo Apparel Gifts Ideas

Any apparel or accessory with a company logo, like tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, or bags, is one of the best business anniversary gift ideas. It instills a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees and also enhances brand reach.

Such personalised gifts can be bought in bulk at the most cost-effective budgets. Gifting customised apparel can lead to increased job satisfaction in the workplace. This gift shows that the company values its employees and reflects its consideration for them.

6. Home Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials Gifts Ideas

Employees use home office essentials daily to enhance their productivity at work or convenience at home. These gifts are functional and help employees excel in their roles. Such corporate gifts have a direct impact on their performance and job satisfaction. Home office essentials offer a wide range of customisation options, are durable and long-lasting, and offer employees enduring value and utility.

Such essentials can include a journal, a travel-friendly coffee mug, sustainable stationery, and a desk plant. You can further personalise your gift with the company name and a personal message, and celebrate the work anniversary with the perfect blend of practicality. 

7. Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper

Sharp and Steely Gift Hamper Gifts Ideas

The Sharp and Steely hamper is a work-friendly gift hamper especially curated for busy professionals. From accessories to snacks and beverages, every item in the hamper serves a practical purpose. Employees can easily take it with them wherever they go. This is a versatile gift option and employers can demonstrate thoughtfulness for their employees' lifestyles and needs.

If you're seeking unique work anniversary gift ideas for employees, there's nothing better than this Sharp and Steely gift hamper. This sophisticated option is for sharp and focused employees and comes in a shiny black metallic finish. The gift box includes a water bottle, a coffee sipper, and even a metallic phone holder. This is an elegant way to celebrate work anniversaries and express gratitude to valued employees or clients.

8. Wellness Products

Wellness Products Gifts Ideas

Wellness products like fitness equipment, home spa treatment kits, wellness journals, candles, yoga mats, or aromatherapy products offer employees the gift of rejuvenation, especially when stress levels run high. Such corporate gifts provide the perfect opportunity for employees to indulge in self-care. Employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee wellness by gifting such treatments.

You can also create a personalised wellness experience that reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation. Employees return to work feeling refreshed and energized!

9. Customised Art Piece

Customised Art Piece Gifts Ideas

Customized art pieces are unique and sophisticated gifts that enhance the company's brand image and show how much it appreciates the hard work of employees.

Such gifts are memorable and eventually help improve employee engagement and motivation. You can consider gifting digital art, custom paintings, art glassware, abstract art pieces, wall murals, or art books. This creates a long-lasting effect, which even extends outside the workspace.

This gift of art and beauty is an exceptional choice to express gratitude and celebrate work anniversaries in style.

10. The Cheer Leader Hamper

The Cheer Leader Gifts Ideas

The Cheer Leader Gift Hamper is all about unmatched elegance and sophistication. This prestigious gift for employees comes with a stylish presentation and premium content. It reflects the company's appreciation for its employees' hard work.

This gift hamper comes with a stainless steel travel mug for the professionals who are always on the go, a refreshing fragrance candle and wax tablets air freshener, instant coffee premium edition for their morning cup of energy, and a box of Smoor truly gifted chocolates for a quick snack break. 

Employers can gift this magnificent box to recognise and appreciate their employees' contributions and achievements. Receiving this hamper boosts employee morale and motivation and creates a positive and supportive work environment.


Employees are the backbone of any organisation, especially those who have stood by through the best and the worst. Celebrating a work anniversary holds significant importance and is also the perfect time to honour the dedicated efforts of employees. Gifting has been a tradition across cultures, symbolising appreciation and gratitude. BoxUp Luxury Gifting is your ultimate solution with its extensive range of company anniversary gifts for employees.

You can find the ideal token of appreciation for every employee, regardless of your budget or the occasion. With this professionally curated list of corporate gifts for employees, you can make the organisation's or employee's work anniversary truly memorable and show appreciation for their loyalty and dedication.


1. Is it a good idea to personalise corporate gifts for employees?

Personalising company anniversary gifts adds a special touch and ensures that gifts convey your gratitude and appreciation for the efforts that employees make. You can either opt for customised gift hampers or add a personalised note with the gift.

2. Which is the best way to present corporate gift hampers for employees?

You will find a plethora of gift choices for employees that can match your budget, employee preferences, and company culture. However, the best way to present corporate gifts to employees is to personalise and customise them. It instills a feeling of belonging among employees and enhances the brand reach of the business.

3. Which are the best corporate gifts for remote employees?

For remote employees, the best corporate gifts would be wellness and self-care gifts, home office essentials, or personalised gift hampers.

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