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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Etiquette: What to Give, When to Give, and How to Give?

With workplaces becoming more evolved and the number of people we interact with to get our work done increasing, the importance of gifts also increases. Gifts act as a channel to build healthy work relationships.

However, choosing the right corporate gifts may be challenging. Also, there are different layers to buying a corporate gift. It is not just limited to what you buy. It also depends on the right occasion and how you offer it to the person. 

In this guide, we will discuss the nuances of corporate gifting and the etiquette you must incorporate when giving corporate gifts. We will also shed some light on the dos and don’ts of gift-giving etiquette. 

What Kind of Corporate Gifts Should You Consider?

Let’s try to understand a few things you can give as corporate gifts while being thoughtful and making the recipient happy. 

1. The Gifts Should Be Thoughtful and Appropriate

Thoughtful Gifts

If you intend to make your recipient happy with your gift, it is very important to be thoughtful about choosing a gift. Choosing a gift for the sake of gifting is as good as no gift. You must select something that shows you value the person and you have put in some thoughts before buying the gift.

Also, buying the right gift for the occasion is very important. For instance, if you want to buy a gift for an office opening, you can go ahead with a high-quality gift hamper that includes a notepad and other complimentary things. 

It is very important to give a thoughtful and professional gift that has some utility. A corporate setup is formal and hence, there is a boundary that you must have when you are choosing a professional gift. 

2. Avoid Intimate Gifts

Avoid Intimate Gifts

While personalisation of the gift is a good thing, buying a hyper-personalised or intimate gift should be avoided at work. The idea of corporate gifting is to strengthen work relationships. Your gift should not confuse the receiver, and they should not second-guess the gesture.

Intimate and overly personal gifts can make the receiver uncomfortable. Also, in some cases, it might be considered a breach of boundaries. Therefore, it becomes important to choose the gift carefully. 

3. Don’t Go for Controversial Items

Coffee and Hazelnut Whispers Gift Boxes

It is important to avoid any controversies when choosing a corporate gift. Your choice should be thoughtful enough to ensure that you don’t end up buying anything offensive or controversial.

Your gift should make them feel happy and included. You can go ahead with gifts that are universally accepted and make them more attractive with good packaging and a personal note. Buying a thoughtfully curated gift hamper (Coffee and Hazelnut Whispers Gift Boxes) is the best way to ensure that the recipient feels respected and valued. 

4. Be Mindful of Religious Sensitivities

Buying corporate gifts

Buying corporate gifts involves several layers. When you choose a gift, you need to show that you have respect and care for the recipient. You should also be inclusive when choosing the right gifts. Try to factor in their background, religion, and other cultural nuances so that you do not end up hurting them with your gift. 

When you factor in the culture and other aspects of them, you avoid causing them any discomfort through your gift. A thoughtful gift will give the impression that you appreciate the receiver and respect their beliefs and practices. 

How Should You Gift Corporate Gifts?

1. Know Your Recipient

Coffee Companion Gift Hamper

Before you decide what to give as a corporate gift, it is very important to understand the person you are giving it to. You must conduct research to learn more about the person and their likes and dislikes before selecting an appropriate gift. Also, knowing your recipient well gives you the flexibility to add a personal touch to it. 

Let’s say that the gift recipient likes to journal a lot. You can get them a curated notepad hamper (Coffee Companion Gift Hamper) with a personalised note to give them the impression that you are thoughtful about gift giving

2. Bring In Personalization

Buy Gifts for the Office

The heart of gifting lies in personalisation. A handwritten message can make a big difference in the recipient's experience. It adds to the personal touch and makes the recipient feel special. 

If you are planning to buy gifts in bulk, you can add the logo of your company to add that element of personal touch. For instance, if you are planning to buy gifts for the office opening ceremony, you can buy a mindful hamper and add the logo of your company. To make it even better, you can decide to engrave or print the logo of your company on all the elements of the hampers. 

When Should You Gift Corporate Gifts?

Workplaces have people from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities. Hence, it is important for you to celebrate most of these occasions and make your employees feel at home.

You should create a list of all the occasions and then decide on the ones where you can gift them something solely curated for the event. People love receiving gifts at their favourite festivals and birthdays. Also, you can get gifts for get together if you plan on meeting a larger team. 

Other Considerations

1. Stay within the Company Policies

Gifts for get Together

Gifting can sometimes get tricky. While you might want to spend money and buy a good gift, it is important to stay within the limits of the company’s policy. Many companies out there have monetary constraints on corporate gifts. You must stick to the prescribed range to avoid any kind of trouble. 

Also, displaying professionalism while you give a gift helps you create a good impression on the recipients. You must read the company gifting policy before you decide on the right gift. 

2. Don’t Make It a Means of Bribery or Favoritism

Gifts bring in a very positive culture within the company. Hence, it should be seen as a way to spread cheer and encourage people You must not buy gifts for colleagues or seniors to impress them and ask for favors. You must use these channels to show gratitude and appreciation. Gifts should be transparent, and they should not have any hidden meaning. 

Wrapping Up!

Learning and understanding the nuances of gifting can take time. However, before you rush into things, it is better to take your time and then decide on the gift. Deciding on what to give someone and when exactly to give it is a balance that you need to strike. If you are looking for the perfect gift and wondering how to give it to someone, BoxUp Luxury Gifting can help. We specialise in corporate gifting, and we can help you understand the right way to approach corporate gifting. 


1. When is the best time to give corporate gifts?

The best time to exchange corporate gifts is during festivals or company occasions. You can also give gifts for your colleagues' work anniversaries or any other milestones like retirement, promotions, etc. 

2. Where can I buy corporate gifts from?

The easiest and most comfortable place to buy corporate gifts is BoxUp Luxury Giftings. You can shop for corporate gifting requirements of any kind online. Additionally, BoxUp Luxury Gifting has a gift option for every budget and requirement.

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